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<p>My daughter will be a senior. Taylor was in the Connecticut Childrens Choir at Hartt for 5 years. She has studied voice with Dr Susan Mardinly in the Hartt School of Music Community division for 4 years and won the Hartt Honors Recital for voice in her sophomore year. She also plays oboe and studied privately for 2 years with a PHD student in Oboe also at the Hartt School. She performs in 3 ensembles at Conard High School (vocal jazz, honors choir and wind ensemble) in West Hartford. She had one of the leads in her school musical this year. She wants to stay in New England for college and major in voice. She also wants to still play oboe for fun. Her GPA is 2.7 and she is taking the SAT next week. Does anyone have recommendations besides the Hartt School for where she can apply and possibly get in with her GPA?</p>

<p>You should probably post this in the Music Major subforum of this site. Music</a> Major - College Confidential</p>

<p>Also, you are sharing a lot of detailed information which makes your child very easily identifiable. Most posters (and their kids) prefer more anonymity than this! You might want to ask to have your post deleted and start over without being quite so specific.
Good luck to your talented daughter! My daughter was a vocal performance major at Rice University in Houston.</p>

<p>I agree with Momofwhildchild, you may want to make your post less detailed. As moderator, I can do it for you if so please.</p>

<p>Rice has one of the best Music programs in the nation. As do Carnegie Mellon, Indiana University-Bloomington, Johns Hopkins, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Northwestern, Oberlin and the University of Rochester.</p>