music shcolarships for non-music majors

<p>My daughter plays an oboe as a high school student. She is interested in seeking a scholarship to play in college but is not interested in a music degree. Are music scholarships availablae to non-music majors?</p>

<p>you could try <a href=""&gt;;/a> to hunt out scholarships</p>

<p>Yes. I know that LSU, at least, gives sizable scholarships to non-majors. A young man who played in band with my son a couple of years ago went there on a music scholarship despite the fact that he was to major in another area entirely. I'm sure there must be others as well.</p>

<p>Our daughter also plays the oboe and wants to do so possibly as a nonmajor. She is a junior and we have visited 7 colleges so far. Of those all but one allows non-majors to play in ensembles (they have open auditions for all). Some schools do not have a music major (have courses in music, but no major), but still have ensembles.Davidson, for example, actually has a music scholarship by audition. They don't really have much of a music program. Both College of Charleston and U of South Carolina allow non-majors to audition for all of their ensembles. U of South Carolina offers a limited number of scholarships to non-majors who must go through the same audition process as those who are majoring in music (auditions during the winter of sr. year in high school). Some schools do not allow non-majors to play in ensembles at all (Elon doesn't). DD has actually asked this question at each adcom interview, and in two cases had another interview with the music admissions folks. In both cases, to get any merit aid, she will need to audition in person (as a music major does). DD asked what she would have to do to keep a music scholarship if she received one...maintain a 3.0 GPA AND play in an ensemble each semester. She is planning to do so.</p>