Music supplement for colleges

I know this might sound like a dumb question but could anyone please explain the meaning of “conservatory level music”?? I was reading a thread about music supplements and people were saying that your music needs to be conservatory level or else it won’t help you in college admissions. I’m an international student (from India) which is probably why I don’t have much information about it.

It is a way of saying that your skill level is high enough that you could study music performance if you wanted. A Music Conservatory is a school dedicated to music performance and composition. Some may also branch out into production and the music business.

Ohh thanks. But how can one be sure if he/she is upto that level or not…??

You can also discuss this on the music forum.

The thing is, if you are providing a music supplement then you are NOT applying to a conservatory/BM Program because that supplement is not part of the conservatory application process. The music supplement is used mainly for school where you will not audition and will not do the immersive Bachelor of Music degree but instead either music as a liberal art with some performance, or majoring in something else entirely with extracurricular music.

So in that sense your playing does NOT have to be “conservatory level” for admission. However, your music supplement should demonstrate enough talent and accomplishment to make the time and energy spent listening and reading by admissions officers, worthwhile.

A music supplement can enhance your chances if it shows that you can contribute to the mix of the class, and contribute to musical organizations on campus.

Basically, you don’t want to annoy admissions folks by submitting a music supplement that is sub-par, but chances are your music is just fine for submission so don’t worry about it too much.

ps you do NOT have to have any plans to major in music in order to submit a music resume

Yes of course. I’m submitting it entirely as an extracurricular to increase my chances of acceptance. I also have faith in my vocals… I just want to find a good enough piece of music that will help me showcase my talent. :slight_smile:

Maybe a teacher can help-? Sounds like a music supplement is well worth submitting and a school would be fortunate to have you :slight_smile:

I’m under the impression that when one submits supplementary material, the admissions committee, which of course is not expert in all fields, will pass the supplement on to the relevant faculty for them to evaluate it. Your art portfolio? Going to the fine arts or graphic design faculty. Your classical instrumental performance? Going to the faculty member who teaches that instrument, if they have one, and otherwise to the conductor of their orchestra. I have no idea what they do with vocal performance if they don’t have a vocal performance teacher.

If you have a teacher, ask them for guidance on your choice of music. If you don’t have a teacher, perhaps you should consult with someone at your local conservatory, if there is one near you.

I would discuss with a vocal teacher.

It is not necessarily true that art or music supplements go to relevant faculty. And in some cases admissions folks can go be resume and/or letters of recommendation alone.

Guys I actually cannot ask any vocal teacher. I’m an international student, and college admissions process here is completely different from that in USA. Plus, my teacher doesn’t have any information about American music. She knows a lot about our folk music though, which I will be sending a performance of. But through this thread, I’m trying to figure out what type of American music I can send. Thanks :grinning:

I think many schools would be interested in the folk music. Curricula at schools like Harvard, for instance, have diversified and many schools also have many courses and extracurriculars in world music.

In other words, I would include a recording/video of the singing that you usually do.

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Yes of course. I’ll be sending a 5 min clip of my region’s cultural music.
To be honest… I also want to send an English song. I had made up my mind about “My future” by Billie Eilish… But some of my peers and friends discouraged me from sending in popular music… Even though I asked from several colleges and they said it’s acceptable. That is why now I’m confused as to what American music cover should I submit.

Honestly they don’t want a lot to listen to. In fact, my kid cued the best three minutes to save time for admissions or whoever was going to listen. I think your region’s cultural music will be much more helpful than American pop.

Okie- Dokie. Thanks for all the help!! That’s one less thing to worry about now​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Assuming that your focus is your country’s folk vocal music, that’s what I’d submit. And keep it short. Three minutes of your best. And if you can, submit also a recommendation from your teacher, evaluating your musical accomplishment.

I get the impression that this supplement is supposed to be if one has a significant extracurricular achievement that can best be showcased by a supplement.