Music theory at auditions

<p>Hi everyone-- D is a rising junior who will likely audition for an MT BFA in the future. She was planning to take music theory as a senior but now she's worrying that she may really need to have it completed before she auditions. The problem is-- she would basically have to take it in place of her third year of French. Do you think that music theory is so important for auditions that it's worth putting off French or taking it outside of school (along with a tough schedule at school?) Any suggestions would be welcome!</p>

<p>My D did not take music theory until she was a senior. It had no bearing on her audition, but it was helpful once she got to her college music theory classes.</p>

<p>I would agree with musicmom -- some schools that used to have a theory test at auditions have dropped it, some say that it is for placement purposes only. I think it is extremely helpful to have that background, but most of the tests are not at such a high level that I think she would be fine with what she completes in her HS class senior year prior to her auditions.</p>

<p>It is helpful to have it coming into auditions, but the tests are 90% of the time for placement purposes only. Some schools will even allow the student to re-take the theory test during orientation to see if they can do better after taking some theory over the summer.</p>

<p>So does it help? Yes. Does it make or break you? Absolutely not.</p>

<p>I don't think my daughter had to use her music theory at a single one of her auditions. It only came into play when being placed at the correct level for classes once she committed to a school.</p>

<p>Several schools that I auditioned for this year said there would be a music theory component to the audition (and i was really looking forward to that as the most fun part of auditions because i love theory!). Not a single one actually gave me a music theory test (much to my disappointment). So I would say have a nice foundation of knowledge, but definitely don't make it a major concern of your audition season.</p>

<p>I would think it would be more important to continue with French in sequence.</p>

<p>Thanks very much, everyone! Music theory will wait till senior year.</p>