Music Theory Online?

Having already searched the archives here, I was wondering if anyone could share more recent experiences and recommendations about taking music theory online? My son is unable to take music theory at high school or the local college due to scheduling conflicts. He could take AP Music Theory online (which looks very pricy at the few places I’ve seen). He could take a college course online if we could find one we like. I see the Berklee course. A budding composer, he is aware that he’ll almost certainly still need to take music theory his freshman year at a college/conservatory no matter how he performs on the AP exam or in the college class. He is just eager to learn more formal theory and doesn’t want to wait until college/conservatory. Thanks for any experiences you can share or insights you can offer!

Theory is a good idea for his composing now…and can help him ascertain whether or not he wants to study music, perhaps. I don’t know if online classes have aural skills. One other idea is to find a piano teacher who also teaches theory. Does he play the piano?

He plays piano pretty well. There are some online tools for aural skills. He knows quite a bit of theory, though perhaps lots of that is intuitive rather than formal. What we are looking for is something that will help ensure his foundation is complete and solid.

The Virtual HIgh School is an excellent online high school resource and offers AP Music Theory:

I PM’ed you more info.

Summer programs are also good for enhancing theory knowledge but are dessert, not the main meal, so to speak.

One of my son’s music programs using corridor music. You can install an app on devices too.

Community college might be a resource as well, and dual enrollment makes it affordable.

I really appreciate this advice and these resources! Unfortunately, the community college and local university schedule conflicts too much with the high school schedule. VHS seems very promising–we’ll keep looking into it. After I complete my survey, I’ll try to post a single list with the alternatives I’ve found.

There are some free online musicianship courses at various levels provided by colleges such as U of Michigan and Berklee on MOOC LIST. No personal experience but just think it may be worth taking a look.

Interesting! I found MOOC’s a little chaotic and overwhelming but maybe they have improved :slight_smile: I wonder if anyone has tried the musicianship ones…

For others, just want to clarify that there is a Virtual High School in Ontario that comes up with google: the US one is called “The Virtual High School.”