Music/Vocals at CalArts

<p>I noticed that none of this year's acceptances included CalArts. My S2 is a singer (primarily rock but also does classical) and CalArts is on his preliminary list (only a freshman this year). Does anyone have experience with the CalArts vocal program? Is it just too "out there" for the music majors on this board?</p>

<p>I attended the Innerspark program last year, at CalArts, and I worked with Paul Berkolds, who is a regular teacher there. I sing classical, and he was just amazing! I'm not sure if the other faculty members of the innerspark program are faculty member at CalArts, but there is plenty of great teachers for rock, or anything besides classical. Again, I'm not sure how the regular school year goes..but they seem pretty open to about any type of music. I know many of the attendees of the Innerspark program applied to CalArts, however, most where not classical singers. I think I remember a rock guitarist got it, and a country singer also got in. So that just gives you a slight idea of what goes on.</p>