music/writing !!!!

<p>Hey I was wondering if this looks like what IUP tends to like for music/creative writing majors: </p>

<p>*GPA: 4.09 weighted (going to rise)
3.82 unweighted (same)
*Rank: 31/317
*SAT: (they're not fair)..writing 610, crit reading 520, math 550.
*ACT: Taking it June 10th.
*9th grade i took almost all honors (I have 2 B's on my transcript and 1 b+), 10th grade i took 2 honors but got A's across the board, this year (11) i took 1 ap and 4 honors and have all A's. Next year, I am taking 4 AP's (2 AP and 2 ap weighted honors) and 1 actual honors class.</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/interesting facts:
*People to people student ambassador program (summer of 2002)
*GLSEN board member (helps teach others about diversity--only high school board member)
*junior mendelssohn choir (2 years i a row, and soon to be next year!)
*voice lessons (past 2 years)
*piano lessons (11 1/2 years)
*cantoring for my rabbi for high holidays
*jazz choir (including a performance at PNC park, Pittsburgh's baseball stadium--soon to be 2 years)
*chamber choir (most elite choir in high school-soon to be 4 years)
*County chorus
*District chorus
*I am part of the Social Action Committee at my temple (plans/puts together blood drives by red cross, meels on wheels, etc.)
*Played piano for high school orchestra in 9th grade
*Classical Singer competition
*National Honors Society
*Played piano/sung in numerous nursing homes for the past several years.
* (I might be writing for the local "free" newspaper to get experienced w/writing).
*Anime Club in 9th grade.
*Played piano @ pilgrimages @ many churches for the holidays.
There are about 3 or 4 I forgot about by the way ^_^</p>


<p>anybody!! please</p>