<p>Greetings from a denizen of the deep (south):</p>

<p>I played the violin back in middle school, but had to give it up when I opted to go to a private high school. I would have loved to keep playing, but what little extra money my family had went to paying my tuition. I would love to end my 4 year hiatus, and I'm wondering if anyone could explain how easy/hard it is to take private music lessons at Tufts. I'll be a pre-med student majoring in political-science. Oh yeah, I've already been admitted ED, so I have to ignore any advice that points me toward other colleges.</p>

<p>Once you are settled into Tufts, hang out by the music department.<br>
Keep an eye out for violin players that you find appealing/attractive.<br>
Find out where they hang out.<br>
Try not to come across as boorish when you mention you are pre-med.<br>
Seduce the violinist you find most attractive, accessable, available. </p>

<p>This assures you free lessons until you break up or marry him/her.</p>

<p>(ok, this is not helpful advice, but it worked for me to learn guitar!)</p>

<p>The music department is small, personal, and friendly. Private lessons are readily available, but last I checked they were $600/semester (they also count as a half-credit). Quality of instruction is extremely high, however, and there are routes to reduced-cost or even free lessons based on your participation is various ensembles and such. </p>

<p>More info: Tufts</a> Music - Private Study
email Edith Auner for specific questions, her address it the typical <a href=""></a></p>