Musical Theater Audition Feedback

<p>My D just got done with her Wagner audition...a NIGHTMARE, putting it mildly. Very disorganized, even though it seemed like every student they had was there helping out. About 200 applicants were there. They divided the kids into three groups. My poor D was LAST to go in her group. By that time, she was hungry and exhausted, and the professors weren't even listening by that point. They rushed her through and only let her do one song and one monologue. She came out of there in tears. Then she was shuffled off to audition for a scholarship from the music department, but the Theater department didn't bother to tell her dad and me... In fact, they seemed to have no idea where my D was! Totally disorganized and poorly run! This was her dream school, and now the dream is dead...there is no way she got in. But if the audition was any indication, I'm glad about it...they couldn't care less about their students.</p>

<p>I'm sorry it turned out that way ... my understanding is that professional auditions are chaotic, too, so this may be par for the course. It might be something your D would have to get used to in this field.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>