Musical Theater Minor/ Schools that will let you double major

<p>Hello everyone!</p>

<p>I'm starting this thread for a friend.</p>

<p>My friend is considering do a musical theater minor, rather than a major. Do you know of any schools that offer this? He is also considering doing a double major.</p>

<p>Thank you all!</p>

<p>This may not be what he's looking for as you don't exactly do an MT minor, but Northwestern is a school where a high % of Theatre students, including those in the MT Certificate program, are completing double majors in 4 years.</p>

<p>To do it you must first apply and be admitted as a Theatre BA/BS student, which is a very competitive process based largely on selective academic standards (<15% of applicants are admitted to NU overall, fewer to the Theatre Dept.) OR audition to the school of Music as a Vocal Performance major. Then you audition for the MT Certificate program at the end of your freshman or sophomore year (yet another level of selectivity as ~200 people audition for ~30 slots).</p>

<p>Top MT students are completing double majors in many different highly-ranked programs at NU, which makes it a very unique MT environment, so it may be worth his time to check it out.</p>

<p>UArts has what looks like a great MT minor</p>

<15% of applicants are admitted to NU overall


My understanding is that the overall acceptance rate to Northwestern in last year's admissions cycle was 18%. </p>

<p> is very hard to recommend schools without any knowledge of an applicant's qualifications. I find that many on the MT forum look for schools that offer MT (or in this case, a double major or a minor in MT) and the selection process is very individual and really needs to consider one's profile as a starting point. </p>

<p>For example, a BFA in MT along with a double major in another subject can be done at NYU/Tisch and at Michigan (not the only schools) but these would not be good suggestions for someone who doesn't have the academic or artistic qualifications to be admitted to those schools. </p>

<p>Brandeis has a BA in theater that has a MT track and a double major can be done there. </p>

<p>James Madison has a BA in MT that I think can be combined with a double major. I think that is true at American University as well. </p>

<p>Hofstra has a MT Minor. </p>

<p>USC has a MT Minor too.</p>

<p>Muhlenberg is worth a look for this student (if qualified) as the theater major has many MT opportunities and it is a BA and so a double major is possible. </p>

<p>As mentioned, a double major is possible at Northwestern University which is a BA program but a very selective school. </p>

<p>Generally speaking (though there are exceptions) it is easier to do a double major in a BA in MT program rather than with a BFA program. </p>

<p>There are more than the ones I gave as examples of course.</p>



<p>Yes, that was true in the 2010 cycle. This year there were over 32,000 applicants for fewer than 2,000 slots, so the acceptance rate is said to have dropped below 15%, and as always it is even lower for the Theatre Department which accepts a far more limited number of students than other schools within NU, so you are absolutely right that (like all schools) it's not a good fit for everyone.</p>

<p>The 18% acceptance at NU was the 2011 cycle (class of 2015), not 2010 cycle. :D</p>

<p>Of course, it may go down in this year's (2012, class of 2016) cycle! It is truly competitive and so it is hard to suggest schools to someone without knowing their academic and artistic profile, let alone college selection criteria. :)</p>

<p>Ooops, you're right, I put the wrong year since for ED's last year's admissions cycle was in 2010. For this years' cycle (class of 2016) it is below 15%.</p>

<p>@coexist2014 -- I also hope you're having luck finding some transfer options for yourself!</p>

<p>California State University, Northridge, has a wonderful new MT Minor. One of the instructors is Diane Ketchie-Saar, who has extensive opera / theatre b'ground, including playing "Carlotta" in 'Phantom'. The MT minor is a joint effort between the Dept. of Theatre and the School of Music. Northridge is a suburb of LA, located in the San Fernando Valley. Lots of connections with working actors / theaters in Los Angeles. Nice roster of alumni working throughout the entertainment business.</p>

<p>coexist2014, the above posters have suggested a number of very worthwhile schools for your friend to investigate. A preliminary question for your friend to consider is whether he or she is interested in an academic major with a MT minor or is looking for the MT minor as an adjunct to a major in another area of performing arts.If the latter, is your friend looking for a BFA in a performing major or a BA.The answers to these questions will enable your friend to narrow the list of schools to investigate.</p>

<p>The MT minor at UArts is excellent but is designed solely for students enrolled in the school's BFA program in voice, dance, acting or theater management and production. The specific curriculum is tailored to dovetail with a student's major. Students must audition for the minor after they matriculate and must maintain a minimum of a B in their major's core courses to remain in the minor.</p>