Musical Theatre/ Theatre Colleges

Hi, I’m a junior. I was wondering if anyone could list a few of the smaller or lesser know musical theater schools. I am not that big of a dancer. I am more of dancer and singer. Thx you for the help!

My best friend was in the same boat as you last year, and these are the schools she looked at
Western Connecticut State University- it has a nationally recognized MT program, heavily based in music (you will have to take some dance classes though) Many of the professors have been on broadway themselves, and the school is located in close proximity to New York City. The performing arts facilities are brand new and state of the art. If you’re from New England it’s very affordable (They have regional tuition) My best friend is there now, and she LOVES it

She also looked at University of Hartford,
SUNY Purchase, Long Island University and Hofstra University. Going to a college around New York was important to her. However, she also considered James Madison University, Townson University, and Montclair University.

I know from my friend that it can be hard if you’re not a dancer to major in musical theatre because most programs require intense jazz, tap, and ballet training. If you’re more of a singer, I’d look into being a vocal performance major. A lot of schools have a musical theatre vocal track, and you could then minor in musical theatre.

I meant to say I am more of a actor and a singer. Thx you for the advice!


Onstage blog posted in their student section an article titled “The best college theatre program in each state”. These lists are always super subjective and could be argued, but scanning the list, it had some programs listed that I wasn’t familiar with so it might give some ideas of schools to look at. I’ll add the link below. Beyond that, some midwestern options - University of Minnesota Duluth is less known, but they have a lovely campus (fully enclosed - you never have to go outside in winter), nice theatre facilities, a strong program that has good ties to the Minneapolis theatre scene, and some great faculty. Other programs I don’t know much about but seem to have a good reputation - University of Wisconsin - Stephens Point, Drake (Iowa).

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I know it’s a but late but The STAR App has a list of 340 schools, many are lesser known but still very good. You can also manage your entire audition process. Most important it’s FREE! Definitely worth signing up and checking out.

Here is the sign up link for the STAR app.

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