Musical theatre?

Is there anyone here with experience or knowledge of Dickinson’s theatre department? How much emphasis is put on musicals?

Not a huge part of the department but I worked on a couple shows this past year. We do a musical every two years, so there will be one this fall (I believe) instead of a traditional play.

Thanks, @thecolourist. How would you describe the theatre scene at Dickinson?

@bettzke1 it’s definitely there if you want to pursue it! if you’re into musical theater, you might want to check out other extracurriculars like choir or acapella groups; a lot of theater people at Dson are involved in both or all three activities. Obviously Dickinson is not a conservatory, but I’d say there are a good amount of performance opportunities and ways to get involved in them.

Besides the more mainstage productions, there are several student-directed plays, freshman plays, and lab shows that occur throughout the year, and Mermaid Players (the kind of theater club on campus) as well as Dance Theater Group are amazing ensembles that you should definitely look into if you want to be involved with student-run theater productions!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: