Musicians at Hendrix

<p>Music is a big part of my D's life. She may or may not major in it, but she is wondering how much support there is for jazz and contemporary music in the Hendrix music department? Is there a culture of students jamming on their own, forming bands, etc.? She plays classical piano, jazz sax, and has classical vocal training, but prefers to sing jazz and contemporary. She also plays guitar, ukulele, and even some accordion. As for lot of kids, even though she enjoys classical, it bums her out that it seems to dominate most college music departments other than the obligatory (but fun, no doubt) jazz band and combo or two. </p>

<p>She recently discovered Hendrix online and really loves what she hears about the place academically, the friendliness of the students, the climate, but the music department web page doesn't have a lot of info and on the surface looks fairly standard. If that's the case, she'd love to know if there will be others who want to mix up jazz and popular music -- and just have fun in addition to the "official" bands and ensembles at the school.</p>


<p>My daughter attends Hendrix and is involved in the music department. Based on the performances I have attended, I would say that instrumental jazz & contemporary music are alive and well there, although vocal music in the department is more aligned with classical. I am certain that your daughter could find other students into jamming on their own. :-)</p>