Musicians Living in Dorms: Where do you practice?

<p>For those of you that do play (and practice) instruments and live in the dorms, where do you practice? The units have limited practice rooms that are ALWAYS full and the music department practice rooms can have bad hours (especially on weekends). So where do you go?</p>

<p>The unit practice rooms are never always full..</p>

<p>No, they're always full! Really! All the time!</p>

<p>I resorted to enduring all sorts of shenanigans in the lounges and used the piano there sometimes... Then I joined UCCE and sometimes used the rooms in Cesar Chavez. But otherwise, if it's not a flute or clarinet or recorder, it'll be hard to practice somewhere else.</p>

<p>Good luck to those harpists.</p>

<p>Try to use the rooms in the basement of Chavez then. I guess people are really into music 2 years after I left the dorm..</p>

<p>There are always 1-2 music rooms free in Unit 3 when I'm there (weekdays)...I've even stopped by to play the piano a couple times (there are two rooms with pianos, and one other). Where do you stay? I can let you into one after 6-ish if you'd them fill up now just because I said that :P</p>