Must all / some / none AP scores be submitted on college applications...??

<p>Just wondering, on applications, whether one must submit all of the AP scores ? some of the AP scores ? or none of the AP scores ? ( I was lead to think that they are used for credit after one is accepted and therefore, have no relevance to the admission process ). Thanks. J</p>

<p>you report your own scores, they do not ask for a score report until you are accepted to the college (so they can give you your credits)....</p>

<p>Thanks Sheed. Are applicants allowed to pick and choose which AP scores they want to include in the application(s) ? Thanks very much. J</p>

<p>Yes, they are. Report the ones you want considered. (Of course, that doesn't stop the admissions committee from wondering where the test score is for an AP class you took.)</p>

<p>Very Good point...although if AP scores are not really too germane to the admit process, I would hope they would probably glance over that issue...</p>