Must apply for business school major when send in main application?

My son applied to UNC Charlotte just prior to the Nov 1 deadline. He applied as undeclared but has done quite a bit of researching about their business school since then and has talked to alumni as well. Is the only way to get into the Belk College of Business by declaring business as your major in your freshman year application? Or can you take pre-business classes as a freshman without getting accepted into the business program? There are a few choices for business majors and we are both concerned about him selecting a very specific major this early in the process. And there is worry that he might not get in at all if he gets rejected by the business school (if he picked that as his major). Thanks for any help!

My son is a sophomore the business school, but at UNCC you are classified as pre-business until you successfully complete 9 specific classes, then you declare your major (finance, accounting, etc) and concentration. These classes included calc, stats, accounting 1 & 2, micro & macro Econ, and some gen ed classes that everyone is required to take. His roommate was undeclared upon entering but switched to business pretty quickly, maybe their second semester. The undeclared program seemed pretty focused on narrowing down their interests so that the students can start taking some of those required courses. I believe most, if not all, the majors at UNCC use that “pre-major” system.

@UNCwhere , thanks for this information! We had heard getting into the business program was pretty competitive as a freshman, and he did email the admissions officer about changing his major from undecided to marketing. The AO was able to make that change but my guess is that this could delay when he hears if he is accepted or not. The AO said that if he doesn’t get into the business school that he would then be switched to undecided as a major (and hopefully he would get in then). Since he is coming in with so many dual enrollment credits, we were worried it may be hard getting classes in the major if you are not accepted into the business program from the start. Now, we’ll just wait and see what happens! Early application went in on Nov 1 and major was changed on Nov 22. Hoping he still hears something before Christmas break!