Must I send all act scores

<p>Ok So I'm applying to 12 colleges, and I sent my my most recent scores in (32 composite) to all of them. I've only taken 2 of them ( first one 31), however one of my friends told me that I need to send all of my acts to all of my colleges. I asked my guidance counselor, but she said "since the score difference is small don't worry about it". I would rather not send another 12 act's( $144) as it would be difficult to afford since my family is rather poor. Though I also would rather not get rejected because of this. PLEASE someone help!</p>

<p>The policy probably depends on which schools you are applying to. Which schools?</p>

<p>brown, washu st.louis,unc chapel hill, nc state,vanderbilt, unc ashville, howard, upenn, columbia, yale, stanford,UMich</p>

<p>I would contact all of these schools and ask them about if you need to send all ACT scores or just your highest. Their websites are not terribly descriptive about it.</p>

<p>Upenn requires you to send all your official scores. Yale and Stanford require you to provide all scores but you can send only one official ACT test as long as you list the other one on application for admission. If you failed to list the other one on application you need to send the offical score. The rest of the colleges you list allow you to send whatever ACT test you feel like sending and withhold the others.</p>

<p>List as in self reporting on the common app where I submit the number of ACT’s that I have taken along with the highest sub scores and dates taken. Right?</p>