Must Read Product Reviews from Amazon

<p>Very, very.........funny! Click on "Reviews"</p>

<p>Laptop</a> Steering Wheel Desk</p>

<p>Bic</a> Pen</p>

<p>Gallon</a> of Milk</p>

<p>I heart amazon reviews!</p>


<p></a> Customer Reviews: Defense Tech DT-56895 MK-9 Stream, 1.3% 734955568956 734955568956</p>

<p>Bookmarked- thanks I needed that!</p>

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<p>The steering wheel desk has been in the parent cafe before. It's really funny to move your cursor over the "product photos."</p>

<p>Another favorite:</p>

<p></a> Uranium Ore: Industrial & Scientific</p>

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<p>No one's mentioned the Wolf Tee Shirt yet?
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<p>Oh my! Thanks for my laugh of the day!</p>

<p>On any one of those pages, scroll down and also check out the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" items. I hadn't seen a couple of them...even more hilarious.</p>

<p>These reviews are HILARIOUS! The ones for the bic pen are my favorites, I thought it must be some new, nifty pen and then I clicked and discovered it is their standard one that retails for about .35 cents!</p>

<p>The reviews for the Playmobil toy are the hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle!</p>

<p>Hilarious! TY</p>

<p></a> Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable: Electronics</p>

<p>For a $10,000 "audio link cable" that's really just an ethernet cable.</p>