MUST report all AP test scores to UC colleges- even low no credit AP scores?

<p>I received 3 very low AP scores (2 score) and I was NOT going to self report them on my UC application until I spoke to UC application help line and they told me and emailed me these UC requirements for AP test self reporting:
"UC requires all academic records, including official test score records, to ensure a complete academic history of entering undergraduate students. A poor AP Score will not be held against you on your application, so you should report all AP tests that you have taken regardless of the score you received. Regardless of score, all official AP/IB scores are required."
Is this correct ?? I do not understand why I would have to self report test scores of a test that is NOT even required???</p>

<p>The statement is correct insofar as UC requires all official test score records for admitted students. For application purposes, you can choose which, if any, AP scores to self report. However, since AP scores carry little to no weight in admissions, there is really no harm in reporting them. Otherwise, if the course is on your transcript, you run the risk of them assuming you scored a 1.</p>

@skieurope Hi, I’m a transfer student that will be applying to the UC’s this fall.
Just to clarify your comment above, I can self-report any AP scores that I wish on the application, right? Then when I send the UC’s my AP scores later on after admission, they will recieve all of them, regardless of if I did poorly on some other AP tests. So bad scores will not affect my admission, right?

@themightybicycle That would certainly be correct for freshman admissions. I am not well-versed on the transfer application process. If there are any differences between first-year and transfer for the UC’s with AP’s, someone else would need to chime in

AP scores can certainly be relevant for transfer admission if their credit (as determined by the UC being applied to, not your current college) is necessary either to meet the 60 semester unit minimum or to fulfill subject requirements (e.g. your intended major requires calculus 1 and 2, the campus accepts a 5 on AP calculus BC for that requirement, and you have a 5 on AP calculus BC).