Must resist running to Haas right now


<p>Someone had to post it. lol</p>

<p>I'm Batman. But I can't don my costume and plus they literally shot the suspect, so I'm no help.</p>

<p>It's too late for you, Batman. You can't save the school today.</p>


<p>when have you ever done any good Batman?</p>

<p>At first I just thought, "the heck, is he crazy? there was a <em>shooting</em> at Haas!"</p>

<p>Then I saw your nick.</p>

<p>Lolz were had. </p>


<p>Well the cops did their jobs. Detective Gordon cracking that whip.</p>

<p>meh, not to sound like a do*che, but even if our Batman couldn't make it, I'm sure the other 16 Batmans would :P</p>