Must see in Atlanta?

<p>We're going to have a few days in Atlanta. Will be visiting Emory. Any advice on what not to miss?</p>


<p>The aquarium is really great.
Olympic park.
Coca-Cola museum.</p>

<p>The High Museum of Art, the Swan House (historical home on beautiful grounds in Buckhead), for shopping: Phipps Plaza.</p>

<p>Stone Mountain has a nice walk that is not too strenuous. Fernbank is not that far from Emory and is special....</p>

<p>Virginia Highlands is nice to stroll for lunch is Marietta for that matter...or downtown Decatur which is not far from Emory. </p>

<p>Near Emory people like to eat at Everybody's Pizza...</p>

<p>we always enjoyed the day trip to The Little White House....and a visit to the museums of Martin Luther King...</p>

<p>While at Emory, take a stroll through Lullwater. It's beautiful! And I definitely second a meal at Everybody's</p>

<p>The Botanical Gardens, CNN, the Georgia Dome and a Friday night Atlanta Braves game (fireworks on Friday nights). I second the tour of the Martin Luther King site and the aquarium. There are so many good restaurants in the Decatur area: Wahoo, Carpe Diem, Watershed, Brick Store Pub, Feast and Pastries A Go Go - the best breakfast, but my older D loves The Flying Biscuit in Atlanta. I really don't like the Coca-Cola museum - I'm not sure why it is on every must see list for Atlanta.</p>

<p>Take a peek at the threads at the bottom of this thread, and also search out one from a few years ago about Lithia Springs (the thread was about someone who was going to be stuck in Lithia Springs for a few days and was looking for things to do in Atlanta).</p>

<p>Dogwood-- Your list is great-- but we've been underwhelmed by the Flying Biscuit. Its a chain (part go the group that owns Moes, Mama Fu (if thats still around), Doc Greens, and Monkey Joes. We used to love the Original Pancake House (also a chain- but smaller) but dont know if any are still around-- maybe the one by the Tara theater, I think.</p>

<p>Flying Biscuit Restaurant. DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKEND. Very large crowd and long wait.</p>

<p>Drive about 1 hour to Madison, GA to see real antebellum homes [the ones General Sherman didn't burn down!!!].</p>

<p>Centennial Olympic Park and Piedmont Park are really nice places in downtownish area, you should check those out. Centennial is near the CNN center and should be somewhere nearish to world of Coke so that's a real nice place to walk around.</p>

<p>If you go to the Sundial Restaurant you will get an excellent view of the city. Also, some of the neighborhoods in Atlanta are out of this world beautiful. It was my first visit this summer and I was with a native and a couple of British friends. Thumbs up to the aquarium. Attend a show at the Fox Theater. I enjoyed our visit to the Margaret Mitchell house. For those of you who live in Atlanta, it is a great city. Oh yes, if you love seafood, visit the Atlanta Fish Market for a great dining experience.</p>

<p>Shakespeare Tavern is a lot of fun for a dinner and show.</p>

If you go to the Sundial Restaurant you will get an excellent view of the city.


<p>I agree you can't beat a nighttime view of the city from here. It is located on the 72nd (ish)
floor of the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel in downtown. The hotel itself is circular, and the floor of the restaurant moves so you get a 360 degree view of the city. i've eaten there several times throughout the years, some good, some so-so. The aquarium is a must see.</p>

<p>Thanks, jym626. Older daughter moved there a few years ago, so we get to explore the city whenever we visit. Thanks to the suggestions here, I now have some new things on my list for my next trip:) Several years ago, we went to a place called Murphy's in Virginia Highlands. I loved it, but haven't been recently, so I'm not sure if it is still around and if so, if it is still good. Daughter is a foodie, so we try new places whenever we go. We went to this great little neighborhood bar to watch a World Cup game on our last trip - Kirkwood Pub, I think - good pub food. We also went to 5 Seasons Brewing - a fun place - and the best pizza place called Antico Pizza. If you get the chance - try a local ice cream - Westside Creamery - sold around the city. I will stop now or I will need to book a flight. I have fallen in love with Atlanta!</p>

<p>I loved the Coca-Cola museum because I'm fascinated by the history of pop culture. If you're the kind of person who, at a flea market, flips through the old magazine ads and knows a Gibson Girl and a Vargas Girl on sight, you'll probably love it. Otherwise, skip it.</p>

<p>I also enjoyed the room at the end of the tour with tons of self-service soda dispensers where you can sample Co-Co products from around the world, like lychee and grapefruit flavored sodas, Italian bitter aperitif soda, etc. You can probably tell from the description whether that will be fun or a snooze for you.</p>

Soundls like you know a lot of the good places. There is actually a restaurant named "Dogwood" downtown that is great!! Try it when you are next here! What part of town is your dau in?</p>

<p>Here is that thread I mentioned earlier. Lots of good info here. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Warning, hugcheck: There is construction on roads around Emory, as they are tryign to improve traffic flow. Traffic around there is crazy! Actually, all of Atlanta's traffic is crazy, but roads around Emory gets particularly congested.</p>

I really don't like the Coca-Cola museum - I'm not sure why it is on every must see list for Atlanta.


<p>It's because at the end there's a tasting room in which you can get free samples of every Coca-Cola product from around the world. An Italian "bitter aperitif" called Beverly is notorious - perhaps one of the most awful-tasting things that you could possibly put in your mouth.</p>

<p>About 40 miles east of Atlanta on I-20 in a town called Social Circle is the quintessential Southern all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, the Blue Willow Inn. Housed in an enormous old mansion, it's perennially named the favorite restaurant of "Southern Living" readers. The fried green tomatoes are legendary. You should call for reservations though, because tour buses stop there every day.</p>

<p>jym626- Daughter lives in Decatur. Such a great place to explore. Thanks for the Dogwood suggestion. I will put it on my list for my next visit. Like I said, D is always finding new places to eat. Have you tried Flip yet? Funky and fun.</p>

<p>Dogwood-- My s is moving back to Atl and just got an apt in Inman Park. He is very excited. Here's a funny story-- when he came into town for something last year (he lived in another state at the time- and has for 2 yrs since college). We all went to Flip (I love the frozen milkshakes). He went up to the girls sitting at the next table and said he was from out of town (which was technically true) and asked what was going on in town that weekend. Turns out one of the girls at the table went to HS with him (here in town) and recognized him (and younger bro who was at the table with us) Hahaha!!!</p>

<p>my duke grad son is also in Atlanta...working and he just landed a great apt in VA Highlands. He is really going to enjoy getting out of Buckhead traffic and being in more of a real neighborhood. Inman Park is terrific for the young as well...great neighborhood. I am heading to Atlanta for a few days shortly.</p>