Must You Submit All SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Test Scores

A question frequently asked is whether those applying for admission to a college are required to submit test scores for all SATs, ACTs, or SAT subject tests that they have taken. Since March 2009, College Board (CB) has allowed “Score Choice,” so you can withhold one or more tests from being sent when you order scores sent to a college. ACT has always followed a rule that it sends only one test per order and thus you would need to make multiple orders even to send multiple tests to a college. In reaction to CB’s adoption of Score Choice, some colleges adopted rules requiring all scores and some included ACT scores in the new rule

On CB’s site you will find a long list of colleges with “all scores” rule,,which list has been copied by some other sites that purport to provide college admission assistance. That list is inaccurate including because most of the colleges listed as having all scores rules have never had one. In fact, besides being wrong on many four year US colleges, CB even included community colleges, for profit colleges, and foreign nation colleges as ones requiring all SAT scores, when, in fact, those colleges have never even required an SAT or ACT test for admission. You thus should not rely on CB’s list.

A. Colleges Having an “All Scores” Rule

The number of colleges that actually have an “all scores” rule as of today, August 15, 2016, appears to be small. Since 2009, some colleges have specifically withdrawn their all scores rule adopted in 2009 and now accept score choice, including USC, Columbia, Penn, and Pomona. One college, Duke, first adopted an all scores rule for those applying for entry into the 2016 freshman class and now, one year later, has dropped it for 2017 and states it accepts score choice. Colleges currently having an “all scores” rule are the following:

Georgetown: requires all SAT, all ACT, and all subject test scores, see (and click open question on sending all scores).

Stanford: requires both all SAT and all ACT test scores but you can choose which, if any, subject tests you want to send, see it has been reported that Stanford responded to inquiries that all subject tests are not required).

Barnard: appears to be the same as Stanford in requiring both all SAT and ACT scores but not subject test scores, see

Yale: requires either all SATs or all ACTs. If you decide to send both, you must send all of both. You can send whatever subject test scores you want to send. See

Cornell: requires either all SAT or all ACT scores, and if you decide to submit both you must send all of both, see The assumption is that it still also requires all subject test scores, although that may be subject to question. Three years ago Cornell was clear in requiring all subject test scores, see which is a page from 2013 and not 2016. However, it seems to be at least saying now that you need not submit them unless applying to one of its colleges that require them.

Carnegie Mellon: requires either all SAT or all ACT scores, plus all subject test scores of those tests required for any of its colleges. See You can withhold subject tests if applying to a college that does not require them.

Rice: requires all SAT scores if you send SAT but does not appear to require all ACT scores or all subject tests, see Rice is a college that accepts ACT in lieu of both the SAT and subject tests.

University of California: UC requires all SAT scores if you send any SAT scores, does not appear to require all ACT scores if you send ACT, although it is arguably ambiguous on that point, and does not require all subject test scores, see The same rule applies to all nine campuses. Reports of responses to direct inquiries have confirmed that the UCs do not require all subject test scores if you send subject tests.

Syracuse: all SAT scores are required if you submit SAT; rule does not apply to ACTs and you can withhold subject tests which are not used by Syracuse for admission. See

University of Miami: previously allowed score choice but has adopted a rule requiring either all SAT or all ACT scores, but not subject tests, allegedly to assure it had all scores to properly superscore your tests.

The above are colleges that still have an all scores rule. Two colleges that did have such a rule last year but are now unclear are:

Tufts: “Tufts asks applicants to submit all SAT testing from all test dates.” See Until recently that page said “Tufts requires” applicants to submit all SAT scores. It thus dropped requires and made it “asks,” which may, or may not, indicate a policy change. Note, even if sending all scores is required for SAT scores, the rule as stated is inapplicable to ACT or subject test scores.

Harvey Mudd: used to have a clear statement on its site requiring either all SATs or all ACTs, plus all subject test scores. In 2015, It changed its “Required Application Materials” webpage and the all scores rule disappeared. I inquired and it responded by stating its rule had not changed and still remained as before. Soon after my inquiry, Harvey Mudd changed that Required Application Materials page to add back an all scores rule. Harvey Mudd has recently changed the same webpage to provide the rule for 2017 freshman. The “Required Application Materials” page has once again dropped any reference to an all scores rule. See

I have not found any other colleges with an actual all scores rule still in effect. I have found other colleges that recommend sending all scores because the college superscores but they do not actually require you to send all scores. I have not checked every college in the US but did check the supposed all scores colleges listed by CB and many others.

When deciding what to do, you should always check the particular college for its current rule, including because the “all scores” rule is continuously in flux, and thus what exists today could change…

B. Consequences of Failure to Follow Rule

You should follow any all scores rule that exists for a college and not choose to hide scores. The colleges assert that they do not use lower scores against you, so sending all scores should not be deemed adverse to your application.

When you withhold a test, neither CB nor ACT provides the college with anything to indicate you even took the test withheld. However, your high school may report all your scores to a college on the official transcript with your grades that it sends to colleges, and thus you must find out what your high school does before deciding to withhold any test when ordering through the testing agency.

As to the penalty for ignoring an all scores rule, doing so could be considered grounds for rejecting you or withdrawing any admission given. As far as I am aware, there has not yet been any reports of applicants being adversely affected because of failure to report all scores.

A minor correction to the above. I provided a link in the second paragraph to CB’s report that includes its incorrect list of “all scores” colleges. Somehow the word “which” at the end of the link, which was supposed to be part of the paragraph and not the link, got mixerd into the link, rendering it useless. The actual lnk to the CB report is here:

I just filled out the application to Florida State and it specified they wanted all scores

@marg928 – I just checked FSU’s website and you’re correct, they indicate that students need to submit every test result.

“Submit your official ACT (#0734) and/or SAT (#5219) results for every test taken. Test scores must be received in the Office of Admissions by the deadline.”

College Board’s list claimed FSU allowed score choice. The FSU website page cited above has an ambiguity as it does not clearly state submission of all scores is required. It also goes on to state on the same page that what it “requires” is “at least one” SAT or ACT. Also, in information provided to counselors FSU seems to refer to the submitting of all scores as a recommendation because it supersocres and does not use lower scores against applicants. I have sent a request to FSU to provide a definitive answer. I do not know when or if one will come. For now, One should likely proceed on the assumption that all scores are required.

@drusba – Please let us know what you hear from FSU, but don’t be surprised if an admissions counselor tells you something that runs counter to the stated policy online. :wink:

It would be nice if colleges spelled out exactly what they require on their admission websites. This would avoid a lot of the confusion between students, parents and high school counselors. It would also help their own admissions staff whenever they bring on new college admission reps.

A good blueprint for schools would be Stanford’s testing requirements page:

I read on the multiple web-sites that you suppose to take SAT test twice. Is it true? My daughter got 1560 from the first try. Should she take a test one more time?

“My daughter got 1560 from the first try. Should she take a test one more time?”

There is no reason to retake. She is good. Please encourage her to work on other aspects of her applications.

University of South Carolina also requires all scores from all tests.

I called Harvey Mudd on 9/19, and the person I talked with said they do want all scores including both all ACTs and all SATs to be sent. (I didn’t ask about Subject Tests, because we were already planning on sending all 2 of them.)

I actually also have the same question. I was just filling out my FSU application and it asks for us to send in every ACT or SAT score. Does anyone know if it is necessary to send all of them? The statement is kind of ambiguous on their website.

Can anyone confirm whether Duke requires all SAT 1 scores to be sent or not? It is possible to deduce from their website (link below) that it is not compulsory to send all SAT 1 scores.

But I’ve read all over the place about how Duke requires all SAT 1 scores to be submitted. I am super perplexed at the moment. For example, in a blogpost, in one of the comments towards the bottom of the page the people at prepscholar claim that Duke requires all scores to be sent

MODERATOR’S NOTE: Link deleted - not allowed.

I don’t want to send the admission guys at Duke an email because I’m waiting for a reply from them to another email.
Could someone please confirm whether Duke definitely requires all SAT 1 scores to be sent or not? Many thanks

I suspect the issue you may be having is that you are seeing comments about Duke that are actually a year old or are based on last year’s policy. Duke did require all scores from applicants who applied last fall and did away with that rule for applicants applying this fall.

@drusba I’m not too clear on what you mean by “…applicants who applied last fall and did away with that rule…”

I mean those who applied last year for entry into freshman year 2016 had to submit all scores , but those applying this year for entry into freshman year 2017 can submit whichever tests they want to submit and withhold others.

As mentioned in the very first post in this thread, Duke does not require all SAT’s to be sent. From Luke’s website:

When looking at what a school requires, always look at the school’s instructions instead of relying on a 3rd party website. These rules tend to be rather fluid and change frequently, an a 3rd party site will not update as often as the school. If the website is unclear, call the school.

On a related subject, if a website or a link appears as asterisks in your message, that means that the word/site is not allowed here, and your post needs to be edited, which I did for you.

I have a question though… Stanford for example asks for all scores to be sent, but they also require the SAT with Essay. In this case, would I send all of the SAT results I got, or only those with Essay?

All means all

Yes, all the colleges that actually require all SAT scores require you to provide both those with and without writing .


I was wondering if i have to pay each time i want to send my sat scores? I took the sat in march and paid to send them to a few schools. I took the test again in October and got a higher score so i want those same colleges to have that score as well. I paid to send them again but i am wondering if that was unnecessary since i paid for my last scores. Does that fee include sending subsequent scores to that same college?