My 2yrs class schedule at UCBerkeley(transfer student)

<p>I don't know if planning 2yrs of class schedule is normal, but I had to map out this class schedule at Berkeley ahead since I have a plan to take CPA exam. I want to get your opinion about how you guys think of this follwing schedule. I will really appreciate your time to read this and advice. My first choice for my major is ORMS. My plan B in case I reject from ORMS major is to apply for Econ, or Applied Math major. </p>

<p>Summer 2010
① Stats 134(3) <econ, orms,="" and="" applied="" math="" upper="" major="" requirement=""></econ,></p>

<p>Fall 2010
① Econ 101A(4) <econ upper="" major="" requirement="">
② IEOR 160(3) <orms upper="" major="" requirement=""> <applied math="" upper="" elective="" major="" requirement="">
③ UGBA 10(3)
④ American Culture (3) – What should I take??
-----<apply for="" orms.="" alternatively="" economics,="" or="" applied="" math="">-------</apply></applied></orms></econ></p>

<p>Spring 2011
① UGBA 102A(3) –Introduction to Financial Accounting
② UGBA 102B(3) – Introduction to Managerial Accounting
③ IEOR 161(3)
④ IEOR 153(3)</p>

<p>Summer 2011
① UGBA 103(3) – Introduction to Finance
② UGBA 141(3) - Production and Operation Management(3)</p>

<p>Fall 2011
① IEOR 151(3)
② IEOR 131(3)
③ UGBA 106(3) - Marketing
④ UGBA 120A(4) – Intermediate Financial Accounting</p>

<p>Spring 2012
① UGBA 120B(4) – Advanced Financial Accounting
② UGBA 133(3) – Investment
③ UGBA 126(4) - Auditing
④ UGBA 131(3) – Corporate Finance and Financial Statement Analysis</p>

<p>65 Units Community College
61 Units UC Berkeley
Total 126 Units</p>

<p>i don't want to burst your bubble, but i'm not sure your 2 year plan is that realistic. the upperdiv UGBA courses you plan on taking are very hard to get into since Haas gives priority to their business students. virtually for the first 2 or 3 weeks of the semester all open spaces go to haas students. everyone else not in Haas is put ont the waitlist. getting into UGBA 102a/b, 103, 106 shouldn't be too hard to get since they are large lecture classes (150+ ppl), but the UGBA 12x and 13x classes are nearly impossible to get into for non-Haas majors (only 20-60 seats).</p>

<p>if you are really want your CPA though after graduation you could take those classes in the summer, where seats are given on a first come first serve basis. you could always spend a year after undergrad getting your MSA to get those required accounting units.</p>

<p>I thought there was a limit to the number of haas classes you could take if you arent in the major? like 4 or something?? I am a transfer too so I am not sure but I swear I read something like that. </p>

<p>also, the econ website said pretty explicitly that if you wanted to declare econ as a major not to take stats over the summer...</p>

<p>good luck, I'm probably doing something similar to you. I'm thinking a dual emphasis on decision making in economic systems and algorithmic decision making (if I get in to the major, and if they let me do two emphasis's)</p>

<p>I really need to talk to some people in that department lol...</p>

<p>there is no way you're getting into all those haas courses. Also, econ must be declared in the first semester. It'd be better to take econ 136 since it can satisfy econ and will give you more than enough background to do the 13x series if you are that adamant about taking them.</p>

<p>Hey, Sanitydc. "the econ website said pretty explicitly that if you wanted to declare econ as a major not to take stats over the summer" For real????? where did you see this policy? I can't find the one you said on Econ website. If that's true, then I got a trouble now. ugh</p>

<p>Prospective</a> Majors</p>

<p>"New transfer students should not take economic theory (Econ 100A or 100B or 101A) or statistics during the summer session. "</p>