My acceptance chances: Please respond

BYU is my dream college.
Stats: I have a 1330 SAT,
-3.58 GPA on byus scale, (3.07 freshman, 3.83 sophmore, 3.76 junior year)
Freshman: 1 honors class
Sophmore 1 AP, 1 honors
Junior: 1 AP, 1 honors, 1 IB
Senior, 2 APs, 1 honors, 1 IB (10 total AP/honors/IB classes)
-White male in California

  • 98% seminary attendance average
  • 26 units of concurrent enrollment at community college
    -Essays (reviewed by a guy who got a perfect score on the SAT/ACT essay) talked about - Volleyball 3 years, Mock Trial (MUN), member of computer science clubs, worked 2 years, volunteered 7 years at an adoption center, Eagle Scout, etc.

I am so worried about getting into byu. I stress about it everyday for about half an hour. Its the only college I applied to so that sucks even more. I genuinely think I will be rejected. What do you think?

I think you should seek out help from a mental health professional immediately.

Please text HOME to 741741, the crisis text line. They will help.