My Ap and Sat scores are on different accounts

I made two accounts and now my sat and act scores are on different accounts. Does this even matter, if so what can i do? please help.

The SAT & ACT are run by 2 separate companies.

There were likely some differences in your test registration information that allowed two separate accounts (used nickname instead of full name; different address; etc).

While it might not matter in Admissions (you don’t need to send AP scores to colleges during the Admission’s process (you can self-report); once you accept admission, you will have your AP scores sent only to the college you will be attending), if there is some account discrepancy your college may have an issue confirming the AP report as the same individual. I would try to get resolved with CB to avoid any future question.

To resolve, as per College Board:

Closing thread since I can’t tell if the OP is talking about ACT or AP/ Regardless, for either case, the definitive answers have been given above.