<p>Hey guys! I turned this in, but I thought I'd just share it.</p>

<p>ignore any grammar errors - i'm memorizing the ideas and then talking it out from not behind the podium :)</p>

<p>Hey school. My name is _<strong><em>, and as you know, I am running to be your next ASB Treasurer. I thought I’d start off by telling you the story of my life so that you can get to know me. I grew up in a house where forks didn’t exist. I had rice instead of pasta and math was my best friend - A graphing calculator was my Gameboy. It also meant that I had two Asian parents telling me since the day I came out of the womb that I must use my money wisely…or else. Trust me, you learn how to use money in an effective manner when you have an Asian lady on your case with a big, long bamboo stick. Just kidding! But seriously, with the guidance of my parents, I have learned pretty quickly how to be responsible with money.
Now, I know that still isn’t a lot to go by, so I thought I’d relate myself to things that are important in our lives. Imagine _</em></strong>
<strong><em>…you’re in a world full of witchcraft and wizardry. Dumbledore replaces Mr. White and Mr. Calvert is Professor Snape or Lupin or something. It’s sorting hat time and you see a small, little red headed girl on the stool. That’d be me – Ginny Weasley. I’m shy, but I’m dependable and trust worthy AND am the one that gets Harry Potter. Switch gears now and imagine you’re in a world where werewolves and vampires exist. Yes, Twilight. Do you see that guy walking up the street? Yeah, that’s me, Jacob. I’m charming and dependable enough to win the heart of Bella, and I’ve gone from skinny to buff – with ASB and XC abs of steel. Now, imagine you’re in the world of Pokemon…See that Asian kid with that hat and the yellow mouse? That’s me, Ash Ketchum. I’m a hard worker and will NEVER rest until I catch them all. Also, Professor Oaks loves me.
Now, school, imagine you’re at school next year. See that “super attractive” Asian kid? Yeah, that’s me – hopefully, your next ASB Treasurer. As your Treasurer, I am hard at work figuring out how to work with the little money that budget cuts have left us with. I am working with you, my fellow Saints, to get money to the activities that YOU care about. I am striving to help club leaders and student athletes advocate for their activities. I am using the budget in a responsible way, but also in a fun way. I am getting the best dances in the district. If any of you were fans on my Facebook page, you saw the link to schoolHigh’s Tolo with DJ _</em></strong>
__. Think strobe lights, lasers, and the whole sha-bang next year if I’m your Treasurer. The good price and the FUN would make even my Asian mother with the bamboo stick proud of me.
That all sounded pretty good, right school? Okay, well, let’s have one last little imagination break. Imagine…thirty minutes later after all the other speeches are done and you’re in your fourth period. You’re looking at the sheet for next year’s officers. You see the name (mine)? Yeah, that’s me. You circle the little bubble that will make (me) your next ASB Treasurer. Why? Because you want someone who will advocate for the activities that YOU care about. You want someone who will get you the best dances. You want someone who will listen to your opinions. You want someone who will catch them all. You want (me) to be your next ASB Treasurer. Thank you. </p>


<p>Ginny, Jacob and Ash? Strange combination.</p>

<p>How did the election go?</p>

<p>unless ASB = Asian Student Body, then she probably lost... ;x</p>

<p>haha, your speech is cute. I'd vote for you. (:</p>

<p>How cute! (:
I'd vote for you too! </p>

<p>How did elections go?</p>

<p>I hate dances. D:<</p>

<p>On the other hand, I like Harry Potter and Pokemon.
But I hate (strongly dislike?) Twilight.</p>

<p>On the OTHER hand (yes, three. Doesn't everyone have three?) you didn't mention the level of math class you're currently taking. I like that. When we listened to election speeches, this one guy always told people that being in a high math has basically nothing to do with being a good treasurer. (fyi I learned and didn't mention it in my speech even though he graduated the year before. haha)</p>

<p>So...this is a tough vote.

<p>Wooowie, just refound this post.</p>

<p>I won :) I got a lot of laughs and I was the only one who had their speech memorized. Quite fun =)</p>

<p>btw, i'm a GUY. xD</p>