My biggest extracurricular doesn't have my name on it!

<p>If I'm a writer for a national nonprofit literary magazine and my counselor writes a lot about it in his letter of rec, BUT my name isn't on the website and the literary magazine is a bit lame, is that okay? </p>

<p>The guy in charge of the literary magazine refuses to put my name on the website. My name is also never mentioned in the articles I write. The literary magazine is a bit lame too. It's bad quality and a bit messy.</p>

<p>What should I do? :|</p>

<p>Woahgosh, if the literary mag exists in an off-line (paper) format, just list it that way, and don't include the website.</p>

<p>It does seem odd to me, however, that the editor of a national nonprofit magazine would refuse to credit a writer.</p>

<p>You write articles, the articles get published, but your name is not listed on any of them? This does not make sense. You need to work with the leadership of the publication to address this issue.
It sounds like your counselor letter is already done, but you will want to rethink giving emphasis in your application to this activity. Have you written for other publications?</p>