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<p>You sing BEAUTIFULLY!</p>

<p>is that really your voice? or did you copy some professional performer's music?</p>

<p>bitter sarcasm/ can take it as either depending on the answer i suppose</p>

<p>haha thank you! yup, that's me.</p>

<p> wow. if yale doesn't accept you solely based on your talent, well....they just have to. GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>btw, with your research that ALL you're sending? just curious. it's rather terse...and research isn't. I'm not sure what they want as far as length is concerned, but if you're going to send in research, keep in mind that others will be sending in stuff just as spectacular. I'm going to include a pwrpoint presentation and NIH paper for my ophthalmology research stuff. An expert committee will be reviewing the work, so you shouldn't give them a simple, little abstract (even if it's labeled Yale).</p>

<p>I know what you're saying, totally, but Yale doesn't want a whole presentation on research. Actually (and I think I mentioned this before), I work in a lab at Yale and already have grant support based on my research there, and I'm in the middle of trying to publish a paper, so from what I've been told, the abstract will do. </p>

<p>Thanks for all the good luck wishes, though! You, too!</p>

<p>yup, you are probably right. If too much is sent, they may get annoyed with all of the unnecessary content. And now that i think about it, I do remember them stating to send in abstracts of work for research. Your abstract is awesome...and interesting topic, too. I think i'll cut down on what I send in then.</p>

<p>you sing very beautifully! :)</p>

<p>aw i want to listen but the link isnt working</p>

<p>I was listening to your singing again, and your soprano voice is amazing!</p>

<p>You have the kind of singing voice that most high school musical directors can only dream about. As a real fan of musical theater, I would like to ask you if you have ever done musical theater in addition to opera. If so, I would love to know which parts you've played! Eliza? Julie Jordon? Laurie? Marian the Librarian? Guinevere? (Perhaps even Cunegonde in the operatic musical "Candide"?)</p>

<p>I hope you don't think I'm being nosy, I'm just really impressed with your voice!</p>

<p>I have to tell you, talent and high school politics don't mix well. For the past two years, we've done some vocally challenging, difficult shows (this year was West Side Story, any soprano's dream, and last year was Carousel), both of which were appropriate for my operatic voice. I can cut out a lot of the lyric sound and make it more showstoppy, if the circumstance requires it. Anyway, I wasn't cast as Maria OR as Julie Jordan - it went to this other girl both years whose mother helps out with the costumes. She isn't a higher soprano, and she isn't trained, either. </p>

<p>The year before we did Kiss Me, Kate, and I was cast as Kate, but only because of my red hair and because that girl's mother hadn't become involved with the show yet. The year before that, I was a freshman and ineligible for any lead part (we did The Music Man). Anyway, I wanted to confirm that my all time favorite part is Cunegonde from Candide, and I can sing Glitter and Be Gay, no doubt. It probably would be best if I let my voice settle in and develop further before I make a habit of screaming high E flats, though. </p>

<p>If you come to Yale, though, keep your eyes peeled; I'll be singing Adele's Laughing song from Die Fladermaus with an orchestra at Battell Chapel in early January and I'll be having a senior recital sometime in May.</p>

<p>wowwww youre good. angelic. i sent in a dvd of some of my filmmaking work, but not with the application. as i said in a diff thread, i sent it as a separate piece of mail to my area rep, cuz he told me to do that. He said it has better chance of being seen if u just send it to him rather than with your application</p>

<p>yeah, that sounds true. i mean, if you send it directly to your adcom instead of the school, you've obviously got a much better chance of having it viewed</p>

<p>darn. the links for your singing have expired! i really want to hear you!</p>

<p>sorry, I have to redownload these. i swear ill do it when i'm all caught up in calculus.</p>

<p>It's nice that you can sing well, but i'm not sure how much that can help your application. I'm pretty sure from reading your app the adcom will be able to tell that you sing really well. I never sent in any extra info, nor did a lot of the kids here who do musical performance. </p>

<p>The abstract seems pretty good, though.</p>


<p>for the most part, you're right. supplementals cannot directly hurt an application, but they aren't always reviewed or important, for that matter. however, in some cases when </p>

<p>a. the applicant is on the "maybe" list
b. the applicant is stressing one key point</p>

<p>the adcoms choose to review the supplemental piece. for example, because I'm trying to sell myself as a lover and studier of opera, it is important that I include every dimension of my passion. Because I study opera at more than just an elementary level (I study with a woman who has sung at the Metropolitan Opera and at La Scala and I've studied at a summer program run by Metropolitan Opera affiliates), and because the number of competitions for young (like 16 -18 year old) opera singers are few (due to the small number of people who have big enough voices and developed-enough technique to sing opera at this point in their lives), I can only show my dedication and recognition to a certain extent on paper. the cd I made really sells me, and, of course, is most important, because it lets the people who hear it (adcoms + opera professors and instructors from the school of music) understand my intonation, my technique, the timbre of my voice, and my overall skill. </p>

<p>in short, in my case, the cd was appropriate. :)</p>