My Chance at Harvard?

<p>Yep I kind of want to go there...I'm only a freshman in high school but who knows? Anyways I wanted to hear what you guys think.</p>

<p>I do really good in school and usually get all A's. I also have a 4.23 GPA. I play basketball, volleyball, and I like to drag race. Another thing is that I can play the alto saxophone.</p>

<p>Let me know what you think please.</p>

<p>If that's all you have to say about yourself then a definite no no.</p>

<p>Drag race? Sounds dangerous. I would be more concerned about making it to your senior year.</p>

<p>All kidding aside, if you keep up the work ethic than you may get lucky.</p>

<p>You may also need to do some extreme service to your community.</p>

<p>Oh about the service my school requires service hours (20 per year)
And I think I'm up to 45 so far.</p>

<p>My best advice is to get involved in as many Leadership and summer programs as possible.</p>

<p>Thanks! Being involved over the summer should be easy! My school offers classes that you can take over the summer so you can take more classes during the year. Plus the sports teams always have things over the summer(and band has to play in all kinds of parades).</p>

<p>I'm sorry, but you're a little young to worry about this. You have no idea how the future will play out. The only thing I can tell you, is that you have a clean slate, which is something that dozens of High School seniors dream about. Just try to make sure that you do everything you want to do, so that when you reach senior year you don't say, "Man I wish I did..." Best advice I can give you at the moment. Other than that, relax! Enjoy life a little.</p>

<p>I know I shouldn't be worrying about this stuff now but I can't help it sometimes.</p>

<p>You're a freshman. Get good grades, don't do drugs, and do what YOU want. Imho, do as many things as you can NOW so that you know what you like and what you don't like. Be assertive and don't take no for an answer. Have some (legal) fun!</p>

<p>I'm assuming AlexSon overlooked that it was your freshman year. While we can't give you any sort of quasi-reliable indication right now, I can suggest that you try to things that interests you, and really try to make something of what you find yourself enjoying. If you're a fan of biology, for example, push yourself to self-study and see if you can get an internship in a year or so, perhaps consider projects for Google/ISEF science fairs. If you have a strong interest in apparel design, consider making your own clothes and selling them, or perhaps donating. Consider starting or joining clubs- it looks great if you've participated in them since freshman year, plus you'll have good odds for leadership roles- that pique your interest. Aside from top-notch academics, schools such as Harvard want to see that you are passionate about what you do. That said, you can do everything right and still have a very low chance of being getting in to Harvard, so don't try to fall in love with it, or any school, for that matter, too much.</p>

<p>All that aside, have fun. I'm a junior, but I already sorta wish I was a freshman again... I would have done it the right way! I'm not going to tell you not to do anything... just know your limits and stick to them.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the advice!</p>

<p>Hi, I am just wondering if owning your own advertising company make you unique for harvard considering everything else is decent and lots of internships</p>