My chance for Yale SCEA or Columbia/UPenn ED?

Hi I am based in Canada, Asian Male, my profile:

1560 SAT (780 math/780 R/W; 1570 if superscore)
9 AP Courses taken (Chemistry, Calculus BC, Physics C, Economics, Computer Science, English, World History, all 5s), plans to take 3 more in my senior year
SAT Subject Math II 800 and Latin 750
GPA unweighted 4.0, top 10% in my class in one of the top high schools in Canada

Awards: Bronze medal at International Chemistry Olympiads, AMC 12 Honor Roll, AIME score of 8 (85 percentile?), gold medals at Classics Conference (regional), and 1st prize on Latin translation (national)

EC: Classics Society, head of Spanish club, part time science tutor for 2 years, member of a local volunteer organization for 4 years

Essay: not my strong suit, probably 7/10? Letter of Recommendation probably 7/10 as well.

Want to apply for chemistry.

What is my chance for Yale SCEA or Columbia/UPenn ED? Thanks for your help.

Your awards and stats are impressive, but without stellar references, they won’t be enough to carry your application for chemistry. I’d recommend ED’ing to someplace slightly less selection.

Thanks for the suggestion, Bouders. I will work on the Letter of Recommendation or settle for a lower ranked school.

The bronze medal is a great accomplishment, congrats! That will certainly get noticed. As others point out, Yale SCEA is a wild card. You certainly have a shot.

But the problem is you would probably get scooped up in the early round by a school lower down. ED has the benefit of locking you in.

For Columbia which college? SEAS/CC/Barnard?

Thanks a lot, sgopal2. I am thinking CC with major in chemistry and possible minor in Classics. Given the Core Curriculum requirement, I am not sure whether it is possible to do double major or major/minor at Columbia.

Double majors at Columbia difficult. But you have the option of doing a major plus concentration, or even a double concentration.