My chance into Emory? Please reply!!!

<p>Hi everyone, Emory is one of my top choices
for its undergrad business (and advertising?) program (I plan to do a major in business and choosing between a double major or a minor in advertising)</p>

<p>i was wondering if any of you can give me some pointers and advice to get in...</p>

<p>brief summary of myself:</p>

<p>Currently a Junior, live in Duluth, Georgia. Indian</p>

<p>3.8ish GPA (weighted) -- do they go under GPA or under numerical value? Numerical Value (almost the same unweighted/weighted): 95</p>

<p>Decent SAT: 1980 (2nd time) 700 writing, 650 math, 630 reading, Essay: 10</p>

<p>Class rigor- pretty rigorous, by the end of senior year i'll have 6 APs under my belt (oddly enough, I chose the APs that College Board recommends if I want to go into Business by chance), and just about every honors class to think of (except 3). Our school has been named Best Public High School in GA for 3 consecutive years. Unfortunately, even with a 95 average, I'm still only under the 17-19 percentile.. =(</p>

<p>Lots of ECs....most importantly, I am the Creative Director of our school website (only 10 applicants in the entire school are chosen to work on the website...and being a REALLY competitive school..its a big deal.) </p>

<p>Countless volunteer hours in service organizations....Red Cross, Hospital Volunteens, Hindi School Volunteer (over 3 years)....lots of it. Not including top honors awards, National Honor Society, Legion of Honor, Honor Rolls, etc etc., VIP Award; its a teacher nomination award for excellence in character (2 nominations) </p>

<p>Duke TIP participant for 2 summers (its a lot like one of those Leadership conferences)...President of Model United Nations, Treasurer of the Red Cross Club.</p>

<p>Also, some of my friends and I have started a web design and graphics design company..its pretty intense. We've had a decent amount of clients and our numbers are increasing. We've gone the whole nine yards..everything from business emails/phone calls and marketing schemes. In fancy terms, I've been appointed Chief Design and Marketing ..and work on almost all the designs and deal with marketing issues and pricing</p>

<p>I will be interning at 2 companies in the coming advertising agency and also help out in a statewide Indian Culture Magazine. I interned at a small company 2 summers ago, Royal Gems Inc.</p>

<p>I also have about 4 AWESOME teacher recs. My essays are great!</p>

<p>That being said...will Emory see my passion for business and advertising? Anyone think I have a genuine chance? ..could me being an Indian do any justice? I'll be in in-state applicant, will that help?</p>

<p>I'm not sure if this is an important addition or not..but Finicial Aid is not that big of a concern.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! =)</p>

<p>please do reply!! it will be very helpful!</p>

<p>I think you have an okay chance, but if you want to improve it, try and get your SAT score up.</p>

<p>Wow, you're a great example of amazing ECs and personal character overriding lower SAT scores (not that yours are bad, they're decent). You're a very strong candidate; I can tell you're a passionate guy, and you've done so much! Three internships?! Damn! :) I think you'll get in.</p>

<p>The best thing you have going for you is the business and internships (which compliment the grades/SAT) - Especially if you don't need financial aid - apply ED and I would think that you would be accepted.</p>

<p>I think you have a very good chance, especially if you do early decision.</p>

<p>you should consider raising ur SAT scores about a couple hundred points if you want to be secure.</p>

<p>SAT and everything else is fine, you have a really really good chance ^^
I got in with very limited ECs, you're going to get in</p>

<p>Rather solid~. my stats fell in the similar trend as urs- strong ecs with rather weak sat/gpa. i eventually got in. just make sure u write a killer essay.</p>

<p>your awesome ec's and stuff are REALLY gonna help you! GOOD LUCK!!!!</p>