My chance of getting into South Carolina

I am an out of state student, but I just wanted to see what my chances would be getting into UofSC. It’s been my dream school for a couple of years. My GPA isn’t the highest because I am not a great test taker, but it is a 3.5 weighted. I did not take the SAT or ACT since it got cancelled for me 4x and all of my schools went test optional. From freshman year to senior year, my grades went up and right now I am a straight A student. I have taken 4 AP’s and a lot of honors. I am in a lot of clubs for school and have been a varsity athlete for 4 years. I have countless amounts of volunteer hours and I even created a pamphlet about COVID for the Latinx community in my area which I wrote about. I submitted a graded essay for my supplemental option which I got an A on. My recommendation letter was from an AP teacher and I did really well in his class and felt like I excelled in it. I applied early action and I am kind of expecting to get waitlisted but do you think I would get off the waitlisted and accepted?

You sound very competitive for USC. Good luck!