My Chance to Bus/Ecno. in UCs?

<p>Junior Female Asian is asking for evaluation of the chance to Business/ Economics major in UCs:</p>

<p>SAT-I: 2120 (M-760, W-710, V-650). ->retake
SAT II: Math IIC:800, Chem:790, Chinese:800</p>

<p>Class rank: top 7% (a competitive high school in California)
GPA: 4.0 u/w
AP/ Honors: 7 courses (Honor Math, Honor Chem, Honor Bio, Pre Cal, AP Chem, AP Stat. AP Psy.) + 3 APs (in Senior year) </p>

<p>ECs: (not much) School club, part time job, 100+ hrs community service </p>

<p>I would appreciate any advice and suggestion.</p>

<p>You are borderline for Cal and LA, a really good essay will make all the difference. But remember, you don't get into Haas until junior year, and only 50% of Cal applicants get in. Don't know about Anderson.</p>

<p>You should be in at all other UCs.</p>

<p>I think she is above borderline, although its not a 100% sure thing b/c</p>

<p>a) the SATs are good
c) SAT II's are about perfect
b) she has a 4.0 UNWEIGHTED</p>

<p>FML2006, you are most likely in. Some extra emphasis on your EC's wouldn't hurt.</p>

<p>A 650 verbal is hard to overlook at Cal and LA. Just look at this year's casualities. To be more than borderline, the verbal score needs to have a 7 in front of it. For engineering they might overlook it. But verbal skilld are very important in business.</p>

<p>Zagat and Stambliark41,</p>

<p>I know that English is my weakness since I didn't speak English untill I was 12 years old. I do need improve my English reading.
I wonder if I should mention in my college application that English isn't my native language.</p>

<p>Yes, do mention it, however keep in mind that there are tons of internationals and others for whom english is not their first language that score as highly as the best Americans.</p>


<p>not to cause a fight here, but berkeley cares minimally abt test scores.</p>

<p>i do agree that verbal is not exceptional, but given the math it is acceptable when placed next to his grades and SAT II's.</p>

<p>I really marvel when people say schools don't care about test scores. On what basis do you say this? Just look at the averages and back out athletes and special candidates (low income, special talents, minorities even though they supposedly don't look). They absolutely do care. Just read the boards on this year's acceptances to schools that supposedly don't care. Gues what? They do!</p>

<p>Fall 2004 Freshman Profile*</p>

<p>Average SAT I scores (middle 50%) Verbal: 580-710
Math: 630-740</p>

<p>Average SAT II scores Writing: 620-760
Math: 600-740</p>

<p>Average unweighted GPA 3.81</p>

<p>Average weighted GPA 4.24</p>

<p>FML2006's percentile (compared to accepted students)...
Verbal: 60%
Math: 80%
Writing: 70% (SAT I scale is harder)
Math: 85%+
Grades: 75%+</p>

<p>ALSO, the grades > test scores is fairly well known at Berkeley. They are much more lenient than UCLA if you have good grades, accepting over 60% of the ELC (eligibility in the local context, top 4% of class) program.</p>


<p>UCLA/UCB: Slight Reach
UCSD: Safe Match
UCSC/UCR/UCM: Safety</p>

<p>Being BizEcon at UCLA isn't determined on a freshman admission basis... you have to get in as a pre-BizEcon major, and do well in Econ 11 and 101 first.</p>

<p>Just how many athletes do you think cal needs to keep beating Stanford. And then there's diversity, I don't think Asians get a break on that front. Special talents, low income, faculty kids.....Do you really think there are many Asian or white applicants with average scores? Certainly not from our high school.</p>

<p>What would you consider acceptable then for him to have a "good chance" at these schools.</p>

<p>1350 avg SAT, he has 1410
680 avg SAT II, he has 770 --> this is HUGE for UC's
3.80 avg UW, he has 4.0 </p>

<p>One more stat...</p>

<p>48% get in w/ at least a 4.0 WEIGHTED gpa. obviously a 4.0 UNWEIGHTED will have a better shot than 50/50.</p>

<p>No B's, 740 test avg...
How much better than that is required to have a "good shot" at UCLA/UCB? (Specific numbers would be appreciated, such as: "a 4.0 UW w/ at least a 2250 SAT & perfect SAT II is required to have a good shot at UCLA/UCB"</p>

<p>FML2006, what is your weighted UC GPA (10th/11th academic classes)?</p>

<p>You are definitely a MATCH for UCLA/UCB, i'd say almost SAFE match. Your GPA and SATII's are ivy league worthy, your SAT is great => equivalent to 1400+ on the old scale, which is well above UC average, and you are taking a rigorous courseload. If you don't get in, i'll pay you $200.</p>

<p>1400 is ivy worthy? Are you living in 1980? I do not mean to be negative but you guys need to be aware of wht it take to get into Haas and Anderson, and a 650 verbal will not likely do it. A sociology major? Good chance, but it's time to face the new UC realities.</p>

<p>once again, my friend, what does it take (specifically) to get in Cal/UCLA? I have given my opinion, what is yours?</p>

<p>Your GPA AND SATII's are ivy league worthy. I did not say SAT did i.</p>

<p>The only UC with a business school open to undergrads is Cal. UCLA's business school (Anderson) is open to grad students (MBA) only, hence the title: John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management. For all the UC's besides Cal, you'll have to settle for an Econ major.</p>

<p>your stats sound just like my little brother. 4.0 uw pretty good sats and not so many ecs. i say u should try to get those scores up and get some ecs in. good luck</p>

Answer your question:
in 10th: Honor Math ( Geometry), Honor Chem, Honor Bio
in 11th: Honor pre-cal, Ap Chem, AP Psy. Ap Stat.
So far, I get "A" in all of them. I am not sure how they are weighted since someone said some of the courses cannot be counted for extra point (weighted). Could you tell how these courses are weighted? Thanks.</p>