My chance to transferring to UCLA?

<p>Hello! Recently, I have been stressing sooo much because I really don't think I will be able to transfer to UCLA...
My current GPA is a 3.2.
I took college classes during high school year because our school allowed it. I took 3 classes: Astro. w/ Lab(C,B), Psychology 1(A), and Business 1 (C)... I really didn't know it would follow me, and I would be going to a CC. So now my gpa is like a 3.0
My major is Psychology, which just makes things even worse. Think the average GPA was 3.7?
I plan on apply for FALL 2011 for Fall 2012
I'll be done with my IGETC, and my prereq. by Spring.
I will be applying for TAP, however with the budget cuts, I don't know for sure if I can finish the req. by Fall 2011.
I have done volunteer works at a church, leader of a small group at a church, and working as a Sunday school teacher.
Should I even try to get into UCLA now? Would writing a concrete essay help and give me the chance still? I will get straight A's from now on. I have heard UCLA does look for improvements... but in reality will that help? No hard feelings will be taken, just want the real truth.
Anyways, thanks for your time!</p>

<p>The brutally honest truth is that as it stands right now, your chances of getting into UCLA are very low (just as you noted -Psychology is a pretty impacted major). However if you really buck up and get those straight A's you can improve those chances significantly. </p>

<p>If you get your overall gpa to around 3.5 to 3.6ish then you fall into what might be considered a "borderline acceptable" category. That is where all of these other factors such as a strong upward trend, a solid, well written essay that highlights difficult circumstances that you achieved under (if that is the case) etc. could put you over the finish line.</p>

<p>Also note that the college of letters and science (which the Psychology major is under) gives a lot more weight to things like ECs and the essay etc. Academics still weigh most heavily, but these factors get larger weight than say the other schools such as the School of Engineering. What I'm saying is, for instance if the School of Engineering gives a 95% weight to gpa and 5% weight to other factors, the college of letters and sciences would probably give around 80% to gpa and 20% to others.</p>

<p>the hard truth? you'll probably be rejected. Psychology is an incredibly impacted major, and there's plenty of people with higher GPAs who won't get in. It never hurts to try, but chances are, if you do get in you won't do well. A lot of people don't realize that people with low gpas don't get rejected because there are others who work harder, but simply put, if you can't keep a high GPA in CC, there's no way you'll do it in CC. Many people are amazed at getting into UCLA because of the name, but they're not prepared at all for the workload that comes with such a name.</p>

<p>Aight, so I "might" still have a chance huh
Yea, well as long as there is that chance then I am willing to give it a shot
Thanks for the reply</p>

<p>Talk to your TAP counselor, sometimes they'll work with you. What is your alternate major and will you complete the pre-reqs for it?</p>

<p>Alright, I'll be sure to talk with them then
My alternate major... I don't really have one, I also heard it doesn't really help.
I did want to go in to business eco. but the classes that I was able to get and the ones I already took wouldn't really help me, only w/ Psych. major. I also believe eco. is very impacted as well?
The only pre-req I am not sure I will be able to complete in is Math. I wasn't able to get the classes, and don't believe I will be able to finish up to Math 8 by Spring 2012.</p>

<p>Oh, btw I also go SMC haha</p>

Anthro B.A.
Fulfilled all major pre-reqs
EC: 3 humanitarian trips to Africa, volunteer in Mexico prisons on humanitarian trips, Mexico house-build trips
Worked part time total college career, presidential scholar, Dean's list , presidents list. </p>

<p>Anyone want to estimate my chances????</p>

<p>@krnabox, If you try to get a 4.0 between now and the fall semester, you can try to apply for fall 2012 but UCLA will still be a reach for you even if you have EC's. Because the way it is going right now, the average acceptance Psychology admit transfer for fall 11 would in my opinion will be a 3.8 and up. </p>

<p>Try to apply for Irvine, Davis, and Santa Barbara as your safety schools. </p>

<p>I am a psych major as well applying for Berkeley, UCLA and human development for UC Davis.</p>

<p>with TAP and if you can take the required honors classes for TAP certification, it would help but make sure you spend at least two months on your personal statement.</p>

<p>@Hope2bbruin All you're missing is serving as a US ambassador to one of those counrties.</p>

<p>for non-impacted majors if you had TAP and a 3.5+ I'd say you're chances would be OK.</p>

<p>But for psychology it's a popular major across the board and definitely competitive at UCLA. But definitely try your best and bring your grades up. You'll get into other UC's as long as you have a TAG (like Davis).</p>

<p>hey krnbabox,</p>

<p>don't stress so much - especially if youre not going to apply until November. You have this Spring, the summer and the fall to get straight A's. if you want a fair chance at UCLA Psychology I'd suggest that you really focus on getting straight A's. Especially in pre-reqs. Take all the recommended courses if your CC offers any, and find internships or volunteer work that relates to your field. it might also help if you take honor courses. you can always explain that those poor grades do not reflect your current academic abilities....but you gotta showcase how much you've improved by getting those straight A's. do your best from now on and things will work out fine for you.</p>

<p>thnx cherry, I'll do my best. I got this! hahaha
i'll be sure to update you guys when I get into LA ;]</p>

<p>lol I'm at SMC too. </p>

<p>Uhh that GPA needs major work. I know everyone at SMC wants UCLA, and UCLA is a great school but so are others. I know a community college student that transferred to UCSD and is now in grad school at Stanford. If you actually look at rankings by department, there are a butt-ton of schools that are fairly easy to get into and have top-notch programs, particularly UMich Ann Arbor and UCSD:</p>

<p>Ranking</a> of U.S. Undergraduate Psychology Programs</p>

<p>I have no doubt that you're gonna get that GPA up, and when you do you should consider some of the lesser-known schools.</p>

<p>Haha, that's what SMC is known for anyways.
Well there's really nothing I can do now... but to just prove them I can improve
Talked with some UCLA representative and they all said the same. don't know if they're just saying it so I won't quit, but I rather take that chance.
Yea, I'm also looking into UCSD, it has a really great program in psychology. Thanks for the link,
Don't really plan on going out of state, but I'll see into it
Anyways, goodluck to you, hope you transfer to wherever you want to go!</p>