My chanced on HYPS and Berkeley

<p>Hi! Im wondering what my chances would be for HYPS and Berkeley</p>

<p>Asian Indian Male
Sat: 1560 800 Math 760 Verbal (took only once)
SatII: 770 Writing 800 Math IIC 800 Chemistry 800 Biology
4.0 GPA unweighted. I dont know my weighted GPA
Rank 1 out of 542. Tied for rank 1 with 2 other people.
9 AP classes
Freshman Year: 3 honors classes
Sophomore Year: Ap Biology 3 Honors classes
Jr Year: AP Us History AP English 11 AP Chemistry AP Calc BC
Sr Year: Ap Gov/Econ Ap English 12 AP Physics AP French
5's on all of the Jr and Sophomore Aps. Sr year isnt over yet so... :D</p>

<p>Most rigorous courseload possible</p>

Boys Tennis: JV in 9th grade Varsity in 10-12 Team Captain 11-12
- Ranked 70th in the state of California under 18 years old
We the People: Debating about supreme court cases and such
- Part of my AP Gov/Econ class
- We will compete at the district and regional levels. Very high chance that we will go to national competition in D.C.
Newspaper staff for 4 years
- Business manager/copy editor 10,11
-Editor in Chief 12
Founder and President of NHS chapter for my high school. 11,12
REd Cross Club for 4 years. 11th secretary. 12th president
Debate Club for 4 years.
- Competed in local and state debate tournaments
- Assistant debate captain 11th
- President 12th
CSF (california scholarship federation) 10-12. Lifetime member
Over 150 service hours: about 110 at local hospital. 40 cleaning up local streams rivers ETC</p>

<p>My Main EC: had an 8 week summer internship in summer before senior year
- It was at stanfords Clinical Immunology department. CCIS
- I could get an EXTREMELY good rec from the guy i worked with, a stanford professor.
- 20 students were chosen throughout the state. We all were assigned to different things. I researched to find drugs to slow the process of MS. etc.
- Findings will be published in a book but it wont be out until after admission process.</p>

National Merit Semifinalist. PSAT:225
Won two department awards
- Best Biology Student 9th grade
- Best Chem student 11th
Bausch and Lomb science award
Quill and Scroll Journalists award
Whos who of high school students
One of those AP scholar awards. i forget which one</p>

<p>Im Expecting Solid Essays</p>

<p>Hy - 40%
P - 50%
S - 60%
B - 100%</p>

<p>100% at berkeley? sweet :D</p>