My chances at an appointment?


I am applying to the USAFA, and just recently did all my paperwork and stuff, and was wondering what my chances are in your opinion…?

-weighted GPA: 4.52
-Currently taking: AP Gov/Econ, DC Eng IV, AP French IV, AP Physics C, PreAP Organic Chem, AP Calculus BC
-playing baseball at high school for four years
-involved in NHS, FNHS, Principal’s Leadership Council, Science UIL, volunteer at various local organizations, etc,
-of good moral character

-throw: best was ~69
-pull-ups: 10
-shuttle: 7.8
-sit ups: 85
-push ups: 47
-mile: 7:15

I’m viewing my chances as doubtful at this point. I’m really disappointed with my push up score, because I know I can do around 55, but that just looks like how it’s going to be. I’m 6’3" and very lanky, and never had good upper body strength, even with working out a lot.