My Chances at Cornell

<p>I'd appreciate any thoughts on my chances at Cornell. I'm not an URM, I live in Illinois.</p>

<p>1450 SATs 740 Verbal, 710 Math
34 ACT
SAT II's 710 Math IIC, 710 Writing, 660 US History
4.4 weighted GPA
3.76 unweighted
ranked 115/~800
National Merit Semi-finalist
work 2 jobs year round
I run a powerpoint slide show that advertises all the dogs and cats at the local animal shelter.
varsity lacrosse
taking hardest schedule school offers </p>

<p>AP's Completed
U.S. History - 5
Microeconomics - 4
Macroeconomics - 4 </p>

<p>I'm currently taking AP English, AP BC Calc, AP Environmental Science, AP Government and Honors Latin</p>

<p>What school at cornell?</p>

<p>I'm applying to the school of arts and sciences</p>

<p>Im going to assume you are doing ED. Your SAT scores are more than fine for Cornell arts and science ED, RD, I think they would be around the average, but still good. If you are intending on doing math related subjects, the IIC might be low, you probably could raise it up to 800 even, it shouldn't be that hard. If you are doing math related, your History isn't bad at all, but if its more History and English stuff, then the History is probably low to average. The writing should be fine I think. If you truly did take the hardest classes, and your school had a lot of hard classes opportunities then your GPA is good too. Is your school out of 5.0 or 4.0, b/c it is hard to believe a 4.4 wouldn't even put you in the top 10% of your class. EC's look decent. For ED if your school is on 4.0 I would give you a decent chance, on 5.0, no chance. For RD, it would be really cutting it close. I hope that helped.</p>


<p>I'm applying RD. Thanks for you comments.</p>