my chances at harvard and advice

i'm a currently a junior in a well ranked high school
and i'm also from brazil
i'll be listing my classes with grades
scores and extracurricular
my college decisions change A LOT
but harvard is number one for me as of right now haha
but my scores/grades aren't perfect
but my extracurriculars are really good haha
so i wanted to know my chances
if i have any haha
and i'm also looking at oxford, cambridge, and mit (those are my reach schools)
FRESHMAN (first semester/second semester)
ap biology gifted 100/108
int. acc. geometry 96/99
gifted 9th/10th language arts 96/98
health/pe 98/94
spanish 2 gifted 99/98
band 99/99
ap world history gifted 102/103
ap chemistry gifted 104/101
acc. int. precal 95/98
junior la gifted 95/94
spanish 3 honors 99/100
band 100/100
ap physics b 107/108
ap spanish 106/103
ap calculus bc 100/109
ap lang 100/104
ap us history 100/103
band 100/100
SENIOR (not happened yet)
calculus 2 and 3 from ga tech
ap physics c
ap environmental science
ap lit
ap econ/ap gov
********** all ap classes 10 points are added and are included above
biology 5
world history 5
chemistry 3 (it was not my thing haha)
calculus bc, apush, lang, physics b, and spanish (all this year but i'm in between a 4 and a 5 in all of them)
-gwinnett student leadership team (it's a pretty big deal in leadership development (only three people are chosen per school)
-marching band for the past three years and next year (senior year) (2 of the years as drum major)
-ngslt which is our school level leadership team
-mu alpha theta/math team all four years ( junior: secretary senior: vice president)
-science national honors/science olympiad all four years (junior:captain and senior: hopefully president)
-spanish honors society three years (junior: vice president)
-hispanic student association (senior: president)
-jazz band all four years
-beta club all four years
-national honors society for two years
-tri m (music honors society) for two years
soooo this is where it's not good
i took it for the first time junior year december
and didnt study for it
all to add up to 2060
i plan to took it again in march and
i got
superscore is 2180
should i retake it?
SAT ii
i took molecular biology freshman year and got a 760
and i'm about to take math 2 next month
for harvard it's only two subject tests right?
sooooo that should be about it
PLEASE help me with anything
and trust me ANYTHING will help
idk much about college process and majors and everything really
thank you for your time!!!!!</p>