My Chances at Ivy Leagues (Like Harvard)

<p>I'm am an Asian female (Indian) living in Michigan. My school is somewhat competetitive, but has sent no one to the Ivy Leagues. What are my chances in % (try to give them in %, please) to get into Harvard, Yale, Penn Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown, and Hillsdale Community College (just kidding!)? I am a junior right now.</p>

<p>-SAT (old)- 1310</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.896 (uw); 3.968 (w)</p>

<p>-Class Rank: 30/360 (in top 10%)</p>

9th Grade (1st Semester/2nd Semester):
Honors Adv. Algebra/ Trig: A-/B+
Physical Science: A/A
English 9: A/A-
Choir: A/A
Spanish 1: A/A
Art/ Modern World History: A/A
10th Grade:
Honors Analysis: A-/A-
Honors English 10: A-/A
Biology: A/A-
Spanish 2: A/A
U.S. History/ Individual Wellness: A/A
11th Grade (1st Semester & Current Grade):
Physics: A
Chemistry: A
Composition 11: A
20th Century Literature: A
Spanish 3: A
Group Wellness: A
11th Grade (2nd Semester):
Spanish 3
U.S. History AP
Computer Programming
Calculus BC AP (by self)
12th Grade:
Choir (2 semesters)
Physics C E&M AP (1 semester)
Physics C M AP (1 semester)
Chemistry AP (2 semesters)
Spanish Language AP (2 semesters)
Computer Science AB AP (2 semesters)
English Language AP (1 semester)
English Literature AP (1 semester)</p>

<p>-AP's Taken:
U.S. History AP (11)
Calculus BC (11)
English Language (12)
English Literature (12)
Physics C E&M (12)
Physics C M (12)
Chemistry (12)
Spanish Language (12)</p>

Trillingual (English, Hindi, Spanish)
Bharatnatiyum Dance (8th to future)- Very Devoted, around 200 hours
Kathak Dance (10th to future)- Around 50 hours
Jazz (11th to future)- Around 5 hours, will increase
Choir (9th to future)- Made Varsity Choir
National Honor Society (10th to future)
Spanish Club (10th Grade)
Earth Advocates Club (10th Grade to future)- hopefully president this year
JV Soccer (9th to 11th) - probably not in 12th</p>

<li>I am very devoted to Indian dance and have won many awards. I think my three hooks are my strong GPA, challenging course schedule, and a passion for music. Obviously, my SAT isn't the best, so how much will my SAT hurt me? Will my lack of math class in 12th grade hurt me if I am planning to do biochemistry in college? Based on these stats (without essays, recs), what are my percent chance into the above schools. Thanks!</li>

<p>I wouldn't consider your GPA a hook, considering you are ranked 30th. Don't get me wrong, that's a very good GPA, but at the top schools a good GPA is a 4.0uw or at least a class rank in top 5%.</p>

<p>About your SAT, I do think that will hurt your chances, considering the 25th percentile at Harvard is 1400. Don't forget SAT IIs either...</p>

<p>In your app, I think you should showcase your passion for Indian dance and music; your transcript can do the rest.</p>

<p>Thanks! Anyone else?</p>

<p>Im a pretty critical reader, id say u got a 20% chance at the top ivies, a 50-70% at penn, and a shoe in at duke. The thing thats gonna make or break u is how u present ur app, like how u stress ur passion for indian music. I know a kid who is in his soph. year at harvard now and he told me about this girl who is in her soph. year at harvard too who specializes in indian dance. So if u really talk about it and really emphasize, ull have like a 40-50% chance at harvard which is great, and a 70% chance at penn. By the way, im an indian male from michigan too. What school do u go to? I go to Andover! Good luck!</p>

<p>i agree w/ slipstream: strong GPA/courseload is never a "hook" at schools like harvard, its more like a given.</p>

<p>your scores will hurt, make sure u emphasize the music thing.</p>

<p>I don't agree that you're a shoe-in at Duke. You have a chance, but are by no means guaranteed.</p>

<p>it looks good. You have a couple of really unique ec's.</p>