My chances at Northeastern?

<p>got to a top 1000 high school in my school i am a junior
I have a 3.7 weighted gpa prolly 3.0 uweighted Ib kills GPA
I am in the IB diploma program taking 4 HL's including Bio, and Math, Chem
3 A.P.'s ( in diploma its like taking 13 IB classes which are as rigorous as A.P.)
I have a black belt, part of the best volunntering organizations in my area and only 15 % get selected to volunteer we also learn about the government. I also am a top volunteer at my local hospital and I am thinking about starting a business club in my school, I play tennis for my school and I did marching band freshman year and sophmore year but stopped becuase of IB.
I really want to NU becuase that is my way into an ib bank in New York ( Hopefully Goldman Sachs or Merryl) and I want to live in New York.
Math=680 Reading=570 Writing=570
I want to do investment banking
is Northeastern's co-op program really good, I thought that Goldman has a huge presence there.</p>

<p>just out of thought is Indiana bloomginton better or Northeastern better for a IBanking job in new york for BB firms.
Thanks to all in advance!!!</p>

<p>your sat in math is good but the other two are low</p>

<p>For your IU VS NU question, I would probably say IU. They have this really competitive IB workshop program. & I know a ton of people who graduated from Kelley that have jobs in New York.</p>

<p>If you can improve your SAT do that. Otherwise, it'll probably be difficult, based just on statistics.</p>

<p>Your chances are not good. Your grades and test scores are well below average. You really need to get those test scores up if you want to get accepted. Otherwise, you will need to plan on transferring after a year of solid grades at another college.</p>

<p>Your stats are a problem... I know that IB can be tough; I did it. But don't count on that to compensate for a low GPA. Make a point of pointing out how you challenged yourself, though, and took a hit for it.</p>