My Chances at Prep School

<p>I am an African American male in the 8th grade, here are my stats:</p>

SSAT: 96 Overall</p>

No Sports (not really me, will this hurt my chances?)
MSEN 3 years (won state championship)
Duke University Engineering 3 years
AMC 8 1 year
Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook and School Newspaper 1 Year
Piano 4 years
Clarinet/Band Co-President 4 years
Baseball 1 year
Various Church Ministries 6 years
Student Council/Student Body Vice President 3 years
Citywide Youth Orchestra 1 year
Mathematics, Science, and English Tutoring at After School Programs 4 years
Young Millionaires 1 year
... and about 15 others</p>

<p>Awards: Superintendent's Honor Roll (making straight A's all year) in 6th and 7th grade
Highest Average in Algebra I, Geometry, World Studies, Earth Science, Life Science, MSEN, English Grade 7, English Grade 8, Social Studies Grade 6, and Physical Science
STREAC Award Highest Academic Award at Church</p>

<p>Community Serive:
270+ hours tutoring
100+ hours volunteering at Duke University Hospital (soon)
100+ hours volunteering at a Resthome (soon)</p>

<p>What are my chances at Andover, Exeter, St. Paul's, Choate, Taft, and Deerfield? Any improvements I can do? Did any of you attend any of these school? Experiences? I really need your help!!! Thanks!</p>

<p>Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Is this a joke? You have other threads with totally different stats.</p>

<p>more than one person uses this screen name, one an 8th grader and one a 12th grader, sorry for the confusion</p>

<p>Right..even if this is a "prep school" thing, I think it belongs on a diffrent board...such as the highschool board, if this is for highschool?</p>