My chances at princeton

<p>Do I even stand a chance?</p>

<p>GPA unweighted 4.00 I believe weighted will be around 4.7</p>

<p>SAT- 2160 un-superscored. 2180 - super scored
math - 780 writing - 730 reading - 650 for un and 670 for super score</p>

<p>Act - 32 - planning to retake hopefully can get over 34 if I just do better on the writing section</p>

<p>Taken IB- i havent taken the final tests yet
IB is considered the most rigorous course at our school</p>

<p>Will have great recommendations </p>

<p>Volunteer at huge rehabilitation center for 3 years - over 100 hours
Sponsored the rehabilitation center raised money
Founder/president of an organization that works for the international students at our school, such as getting them closer to the community in memphis and tutoring them
Vice president of nature club
Secretary of spanish club
I believe i will start another tutoring organization for middle school students
All west Tennessee band member for 2 years- blue band
UT martin honor band member I was 4th chair there
Robotics club leader - we won our hub and 4th place region and qualified and competed in the national competition. hopefully we can do it again this year
selected for math competitions at school
Ambassador/ Diplomat for our school
Tech crew for school's musicals
Varsity soccer since 8th grade so my senior year will be my 5th year
Varsity bowling - went to state individuals and with the team
Member of many clubs
volunteer at local animal shelter
Volunteered at St. Jude research hospital - was picked to do so
ran a english summer camp for little children
Worked at the local police station as a translator </p>

<p>This was all i could come up with in like 20 minutes but I prolly have more</p>

<p>plz be honest and give me feed backs thanks:)</p>

<p>high reach.</p>

<p>Get your CR score up to 700, or the ACT to 34 for the first step. Take the SAT IIs. Try to show in your essays which of your many activities you truly have a passion for.</p>

<p>Retake SAT I.</p>