My chances at Rice!

<p>Hey, do I stand a chance at RIce?</p>

<p>I am probably going to apply for thier engineering school or school of arts and science.</p>

<p>SAT I: 780 math
640 verbal (1420 combined)
SAT II: 760 writing. 740 math iic, 730 chemistry
ACT: 30</p>

<p>Description-(sorry for format, I copy and pasted from
School Awards:
Highest Academic Average(1/grade/year): Physiology, Biology, Geometry, Spanish II, Chemistry(H); Precalculus(H), Fine Arts, Spanish III(H)
Most Conscientious Student(1/grade/year): English 10, Algebra II, Spanish I, English11. Government/Economics(H)</p>

<p>Science Bowl third place in state (9), team captain (12); Astro Bowl- advanced to semifinals at state competition (11); Writers Bowl -2nd in story writing, 3rd best overall team (2003), team captain(12); Spanish National Honor Society (10-12); National Honor Society(11, 12); Tri-M (10-12) organized first annual Donoho Bluegrass Festival (2004); Mu Alpha Theta (10, 11, 12); DAR Chapter winner (10); National Honor Roll (10, 11); Who's Who Among American High School Students (11); Piano-Played for 13 years; play at semiannual community recital since 7th grade; double “O” (outstanding) in districts and state competition for Alabama Music Festival Auditions (2001 (9th), 2004 (11th)); National Commended Scholar 2004, Jacksonville State University Holocaust first place essay winner (11); Furman University Scholar (11); Tri-M Music National Honor Society- treasurer(organized first annual music festival at our school); Journalism-editor; Student Honor Council- Vice president</p>

<p>Volunteer and outside activities: Tech Crew for Knox Concert Series (11, 12)-Unload, load equipment, sell refreshments, set props 3hr/wk; 5wks/yr; Volunteer for local museum (9, 10)-Volunteer helper at museum Fun Days; Tutor students in school (11, 12)-1hr/wk; 26wks/year; Intern at local pharmacy (10)-Received honors report, worked as a clerk; 35hrs/wk; 2wks/yr; Intern at local hospital (11)-Helped nurses and doctors; 35hrs/wk; 2wks/yr; Youth writer for local newspaper (Anniston Star) (10)- wrote articles various articles during 10th grade summer</p>

<p>Other Extracirrcular activities:
Choir (11); Spanish Club (9, 10, 11, 12); Literary Seminar (11, 12); Science Club(9, 10, 11, 12); play ping pong for 4 years and pool at community center
Attended Chinese Culture School (9-10) Trilingual-(Chinese, English, Spanish)</p>

<p>Summer Activities:
9th grade: Visited relatives in Taiwan for entire summer vacation
10th grade: Attended SITE(Student Introduction to Engineering) at University of Alabama for one week. Attended Summer School of Truth in Atlanta for two weeks.
11th: Rural Health Science Scholar for six weeks at University of Alabama. Attended Summer School of Truth in Atlanta for two weeks.</p>

<p>Courses taken during summer:
Introduction to Biology -3hrs earned
Biology Lab- 1hr earned
Creative Writing- 3hrs earned</p>

<p>Thanks to those who reply:)</p>

<p>How many schools are you applying to? You have 91 posts!! As for Rice, they like the well rounded students, which you appear to be. You might consider bringing up your Verbal SAT, unless there is an explanation for the 640 score. And what about AP's?? Are the offered in your school,and if so, how many are you taking?? This would be important, as Rice expects you to take high level courses when they are offered.
Good Luck!</p>

<p>I am applying to Rice as well RD, EA/ED is too late for me, anyway. I have:
800m 600v (i am international, thus Me no speak/write english no good)
4.1 GPA on a 5 scale, but a 4.1 is = 4 on a 4 point scale here, I don't know how it works, but it's complicated. Anyway
I have some ECs and good Rec. I am applying for Bio/Biochem
Do i have a chance?
Is Rice any good? I heard it's good, but never really went on the website or anything. Taking the SAT IIs in Nov. Pulling for 750+ on IIc and Bio M :).
EA at Duquesne (pronounced Ducane) best university ever, they prepare you for MCAT I heard. I knew ppl (more than 1) come out of there with kickass MCAT scores and went to Harvard and Johns Hopkins medical School.</p>