My chances at The University Of Texas at Austin?

Hey everyone. I was wondering if you guys could tell me my chances at UT Austin. I’m currently a freshman in high school but my dream college is UT Austin. I currently have a 4.15 Weighted GPA with a 3.85 Unweighted GPA and I’m in the top 25%.

Based on the future I was wondering if you could calculate my chances:

SAT Score: 2000
ACT Score: 30
3.75 GPA Unweighted
4.20 Weighted GPA
Top 25%

I wish to be in the natural sciences field at UT Austin.
I do understand UT looks more at ranking than anything else.
Thanks everyone!

Are you in-state?

Yup, I’m in-state.

Those are very good scores for a freshman. By junior year they should be higher.

Of course, auto-admit is safest but under holistic review, I think you will have a chance at an spot if you are not an auto-admit.
Keep up the great work! Study for your PSAT!

I’m not saying I have a 2000 on SAT and a 30 on the ACT. Those are what I speculate my scores to be in the future :slight_smile:


Get into top 8% and you get in automatic

The Texas legislature is about to pass a law allowing students to open carry guns on campus in Texas. So you may want to consider if that is an environment you would want to be a part of. Drunk/immature/high/depressed teenagers carrying guns everywhere on campus, including to class. I can envision these guns being used to threaten others and, given the high incidence in general of rapes on college campuses, to commit crimes against female students. Unless you want to carry your own gun, prepared to shoot and kill another student to protect yourself from that. Probably not what most people have in mind for their college experience.

You should have a decent chance at getting in, although the natural sciences pool is very competitive. The previous poster was right when they said go for the auto admit percentage - or as I like to say, go to a high school where its easy to be in the top 10%. Just kidding. It’s difficult to gauge with stats that are possible but not yet real. Good luck.

More likely that the female students will be able to defend themselves. We live in a concealed carry state and crime has gone down since it was enacted.

Auto admit :smiley: lol I agree with the others… Try to get auto admit… If not, 2000+ SAT score.

@HS5331 I find that claim hard to believe… I know Texas is pro-guns for self defense and hunting purposes and all, but are you serious about them considering guns on campus? (Legally, I mean.) Please post the link to that information or start a thread with it; that would be an interesting topic if it is true that they are considering it.

Edit: You are partially correct. Here is an article on it. It is CONCEALED carry, not open, and only for individuals 21 years and older. It hasn’t passed the Texas House yet, though it has passed the Texas Senate.

Lol all these people and guns. Well I don’t think I can get into the top 8% because a lot of other people have AP Art and French Honors which makes their GPA’s get a huge boost in the weighted scale which determines the ranking. I probably will be around the Top 25% to Top 15% in the end. I do go to a very competitive high school though, so I would consider going to a regular public school but my parents won’t let me.