My chances at these schools please!

<p>Hi, I like to know my chances at these schools please:
GA Tech
UC's (berkeley, LA, possibly some others)
I'm applying out of state for all these schools</p>

<p>I am probably going to apply for thier engineering school or school of arts and science.</p>

<p>SAT I: 780 math
640 verbal (1420 combined)
SAT II: 760 writing. 740 math iic, 730 chemistry
ACT: 30</p>

<p>Description-(sorry for format, I copy and pasted from
School Awards:
Highest Academic Average(1/grade/year): Physiology, Biology, Geometry, Spanish II, Chemistry(H); Precalculus(H), Fine Arts, Spanish III(H)
Most Conscientious Student(1/grade/year): English 10, Algebra II, Spanish I, English11. Government/Economics(H)</p>

<p>Science Bowl third place in state (9), team captain (12); Astro Bowl- advanced to semifinals at state competition (11); Writers Bowl -2nd in story writing, 3rd best overall team (2003), team captain(12); Spanish National Honor Society (10-12); National Honor Society(11, 12); Tri-M (10-12) organized first annual Donoho Bluegrass Festival (2004); Mu Alpha Theta (10, 11, 12); DAR Chapter winner (10); National Honor Roll (10, 11); Who's Who Among American High School Students (11); Piano-Played for 13 years; play at semiannual community recital since 7th grade; double “O” (outstanding) in districts and state competition for Alabama Music Festival Auditions (2001 (9th), 2004 (11th)); National Commended Scholar 2004, Jacksonville State University Holocaust first place essay winner (11); Furman University Scholar (11); Tri-M Music National Honor Society- treasurer(organized first annual music festival at our school); Journalism-editor; Student Honor Council- Vice president</p>

<p>Volunteer and outside activities: Tech Crew for Knox Concert Series (11, 12)-Unload, load equipment, sell refreshments, set props 3hr/wk; 5wks/yr; Volunteer for local museum (9, 10)-Volunteer helper at museum Fun Days; Tutor students in school (11, 12)-1hr/wk; 26wks/year; Intern at local pharmacy (10)-Received honors report, worked as a clerk; 35hrs/wk; 2wks/yr; Intern at local hospital (11)-Helped nurses and doctors; 35hrs/wk; 2wks/yr; Youth writer for local newspaper (Anniston Star) (10)- wrote articles various articles during 10th grade summer</p>

<p>Other Extracirrcular activities:
Choir (11); Spanish Club (9, 10, 11, 12); Literary Seminar (11, 12); Science Club(9, 10, 11, 12); play ping pong for 4 years and pool at community center
Attended Chinese Culture School (9-10) Trilingual-(Chinese, English, Spanish)</p>

<p>Summer Activities:
9th grade: Visited relatives in Taiwan for entire summer vacation
10th grade: Attended SITE(Student Introduction to Engineering) at University of Alabama for one week. Attended Summer School of Truth in Atlanta for two weeks.
11th: Rural Health Science Scholar for six weeks at University of Alabama. Attended Summer School of Truth in Atlanta for two weeks.</p>

<p>Taking hardest schedule of all seniors in my class this year.</p>

<p>Courses taken during summer:
Introduction to Biology -3hrs earned
Biology Lab- 1hr earned
Creative Writing- 3hrs earned</p>

<p>DO I stand a chance? Thanks:)</p>




<p>sorry, im new to this website... what does bump mean?</p>

<p>it means bring up my post to the top of the page.</p>

<p>Rice - Reach
Stanford - Big Reach
Duke - Reach
UGA - Good
GA Tech - Good
UC Berkely - Good (Very good if in state)
UC Los Angles - Good (Very good if in state)
Emory - Decent
Vanderbilt - Decent
I'm applying out of state for all these schools</p>

<p>Apply early to Georagia Tech, you would have a more than excellent chance nad since you want to do something in engineering it would fit you perfectly. It's programs are on par with MIT and Cal Tech</p>

<p>^^farbdogg71, are you serious?</p>

<p>i'd still sat MIT and Cal Tech have a way better program</p>