My chances at these schools?

<p>Hey everyone, thanks for looking this far I really appreciate it. I plan on going pre-med but I really dont know where I want to go yet. As of right now, if accepted, I think Notre Dame would be my #1 choice. My confidence has gone up some now that I have seen my October SAT score in comparison to my previous ones... here is a link to my statistics and a list of the schools that I am planning to apply to:</p>

<p>ummmm.... they wont let me link it so you cant really see what I'm involved in, my user name is mhawk177 on pr stats</p>

First SAT (no prep, go to a school that is ACT focused): 1400 (780m 620v)
Second SAT (sick): (720m 610v)
October SAT: 1470 (780m 690v)</p>

-4 years AFS
-Varsity Track
-Intramural soccer (petitioned for it, we have no team and I finally got it established in my junior year)
-Mathletes/Math club (possibly going to state this year, unsure)
-National Honor Society</p>

-Senior Class Vice President
-4 years Peer mediation (leadership position)
-Student leadership committee at school
-Community student leadership committee in community (high schoolers getting involved in local government 1st member)
-Student Ambassador
-Leader Treks leadership building program (part of missions project see below)</p>

-National Math Award (probably means nothing)
-National Merit Commended Scholar
-Works published in school literary magazine
-IHSA athletic achievement
-Illinois State Scholar
-4 years high honor roll</p>

<p>Service/Missions Work
-Blood Drive committee at school
-Summer after Soph year to Kentucky for 1 week
-Summer after Junior year initialized (found an organization going) raised $2k to go to Guatemala for 2 weeks (amazing experience, could write a great essay) It was run by Leader Treks (leadership building program included)
-Various other missions projects at homeless shelters in Chicago-land area</p>

-Youth group leader/ 4 year member
-Job all through high school
-Will graduate with 11 AP credits
-Still trying to get a debate team established
- 6 of my 8 courses are AP senior year, this should raise my GPA substantially
- I will graduate with 8 math credits (block scheduling) and with an extra credit because I tested out of Consumer Education ( 1 of 3 who tested out)</p>

<p>My school is possibly a little below average.. so the average SAT score would be ~950/1,000 (19/20 ACT) so I dont know if it means anything, but im on different footing than prep school kids. </p>

<p>My GPA so far is a 3.893 (rank 10/220) but it will most likely go up, my school is on a weird grading scale, but I have 6 AP courses my senior year (the only classes that are weighted) and so far half way through first semester (block scheduling) I have 2 As and 2 A+s.</p>

<p>I started my job at the end of my freshman year and kept it until mid-way through my junior year. I quit for a while to go on my missions trip and once school started up again I started my own tutoring business. On top of that, I have just picked up my job again (Baskin Robbins) and plan to keep it until next semester when 4/4 (block) of my classes are AP and I join track again.</p>

<p>My list of schools:
University of Notre Dame
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Wheaton College
Hope College
Gordon College
Georgetown (maybe)
UPenn (maybe)
University of Chicago

<p>Yes, it's a very diverse list but I'm fickle when it comes to what I want in colleges. If anyone could evaluate my chances or suggest other schools to add to my list I'd really appreciate it, thanks.</p>

<p>id say notre dame is a match
based on the competition, yale might be a reach
same with upenn
georgetown is probably a match/slight reach
uchic is a match
the rest are match/safety</p>

<p>Awesome, any more opinions?</p>

<p>Are you considering Notre Dame for Early Decision? If so, you're in...easily.</p>

<p>I wanted to apply early, but I didn't know that my last SAT score was going to come out this well. I called the admissions office and they said that applying EA.. I think they have an EA program gives a student no advantage. They have a part on the application for extra information where I'll mention that it is my number one choice.</p>

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<p>University of Notre Dame...Good
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign...Excellent
Wheaton College...Excellent
Hope College...Excellent
Gordon College...Excellent
Georgetown (maybe)...Okay
UPenn (maybe)...Iffy
University of Chicago...Okay

<p>Just my humble opinion.</p>

<p>Might want to look at some very good LAC's that offer good sports programs-Holy Cross, Bucknell, and Lafayette. Holy Cross attracts a decent amount of students from Illinois and HC has a tremendous pre-med program.</p>

<p>I actually did consider looking at LACs.. but I think the only way Id go all the way to the East Coast (I'm from Illinois) would be for scholarships (Gordon is offering me one) or Ivy... I'm not 100% sure on that but I'll look into it. Thanks for the opinions guys.</p>

<p>Here's a bump for some more opinions please.</p>

<p>Yale and UPenn are reaches, but the rest look great.</p>

<p>Sweet... as much as everyone's opinions on here don't change anything I'm just curious what my weaknesses would be.</p>

<p>Only two things I can think of (which isn't really important is):</p>

<p>-Lack of a Diversity element (Joining a multicultural club)
- Lack of Research, which isn't very important for the schools thats you selected.</p>

<p>Anthony.. I posted it on another post but thanks a ton for contributing so much... where are you at school at?</p>

<p>stanford in california, but now im preparing to go to a graduate school for an MBA and a Masters in CSCI. (in the same boat as many of the HS kids applying for college :P)</p>

<p>Stanford must be awesome.... it's suggested that we ask a respected college board member to look over a personal statement instead of posting it.... do you think I could get your e-mail or something for a reference if possible? If you can't I understand man.. just thought I'd ask.</p>

<p>Ill send you a private message</p>