My Chances at U-Va?

<p>Out of State Male- Junior</p>

<p>Probably 5th out of class of 100</p>

<p>-GPA: 4.282 weighted, 3.8 unweighted
-SAT I: (Verbal) 750 (Math) 560 (Writing) 690
-Not taken SAT II's yet</p>

<p>Taking 2 AP classes this year
-AP US History
-AP English
-As well as three other Honors courses</p>

<p>Next year will take
-AP Government and Econ
-AP English
-AP Spanish
-AP Calculus</p>

-Varsity Wrestling for four years (Captain for two)- Team MVP after sophomore year, First Team All-County
-Attended University of Virginia wrestling camps for last two summers
-Varsity Soccer for three years (Captain for one)
-NHS (hopefully an officer next year)
-Cinema Appreciation Club for two years (hopefully President next year)
-Yearbook (hopefully editor next year)
-Foreign Language Club
-Took part in a program where I served as a county councilperson for a day
-Published by the American Anthology of Young Poets
-Held a summer job for three years
-Taught self to play guitar in summer of '05
-Volunteered at Crisis Pregnancy Center for four years
-Served on church missions trips to Chattanooga, Tennessee in summer of '04 and to Romania in summer of '05</p>