My Chances at UC's and USC

<p>What are my chances at USC, UCI, UCLA, UCSD, and UCSB</p>


<p>GPA: 4.1<br>
SAT I: V 590 M 750 total 1340
SAT II: Math I- 700
Writing- 690
US History- 540
Class Rank- 89</p>

<p>EC: NHS- 3 yrs
Basketball- 4 yrs, varsity- 2</p>

<p>Senior Schedule-
English 12
AP Physics
AP Calc
AP French
Varsity Basketball</p>

<p>UCLA- reach
USC- slight reach
UCSD- probably a match
UCSB- match
UCI- safe</p>


<p>UCLA: Reach
USC: Reach
UCSD: Match
UCSB: Safe Match
UCI: Safe Match</p>

<li>UCI <a href="safety">i</a></li>
<li>UCLA <a href="possible%20match%20/%20reach">i</a>
<li>UCSB <a href="match">i</a></li>
<li>UCSD <a href="match">i</a>
<li>USC <a href="possible%20match">i</a>*</li>

<p>You sound like you should have the chance to get into each one, with USC and UCLA being the ones that have the chance to not work out. You have about the averages of USC, but you never know with admissions.</p>