My chances at University of Michigan ?

CBSE student living in the UAE

9th grade - 9.4 CGPA (89.4%)
10th Grade - 10 CGPA (95%)
11th Grade - 85.4%( Economics 93, English 86, Chemistry 84, Physics 82, Math 82) [really low, I know ]
12th grade - 90%
ACT - 33
SAT Subject tests- Math- 800 Physics- 780 Chemistry-790

Intended major- Mechanical Engineering
Desired Unis- University of Michigan

Trinity guitar exams Grades 1 through 6 with merit and distinction
Member of school band
Active member of international organization called Best Buddies. It is a club where me meet up and interact with challeneged individuals (9th-12th)
Best Buddies prefect - 11th
Best Buddies Vice President - 12th
Editor on a blogging website (12th)
MUN (10th and 11th)

Work Experience-
Internship at a local firm in India during summers of 10th and 11th
Internship at GM company summer of 12th
Voulanteer at Dubai Autism Center summer of 12th

Extra info-
Completed a uni level course on

Appreciate all the help