My Chances at USC & NYU

<p>What are my chances at USC and NYU? I'm interested in the Cinema & Television department. I know my portfolio will be very important, but I'd like you to judge me just on my stats alone.</p>

<p>My class rank is in the top 15% and I go to a well-respected, southern private school that is fairly competitive. The dip in my GPA is mostly due to my Math & Science(classes that I'm not particularly interested in), but I'm hoping that my other credentials will make me an attractive candidate. Please tell me what you consider my chances to be. Thanks in advance. </p>

<p>School: Private
GPA: 3.2 unweighted, 3.72 weighted
Rank: Top 15%</p>

<p>ACT: 28
SAT: 1240
APs: AP US History, AP Government
Honor Classes: English I, II, & III, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II & Trig, French III & IV, Physics </p>

Beta Club
Film Society
French Club - VP
Student Counselor for Freshman
Debate Club
National Honor Society
National French Honor Society
Intramural Sports
270 hours of Community Service:
-Head Coach of youth Basketball & Soccer teams
-Numerous service projects </p>

<p>Please tell me what you think. Thanks.</p>

<p>both reaches</p>

<p>I realize that my SAT and such are a bit below average, but do you CCers think I have a good shot at getting accepted?</p>

<p>Your EC's are nice, but your test scores are a tad low and your course load seems a bit easy (but if thats the highest level your school offers, that is fine). For USC, I think you have a lower chance (15-20%), because their Cinema program is very very competative and applying to one of the other different colleges in USC and transferring is even harder, lol. Not sure about NYU though, someone else might have to field that one.</p>

<p>NYU's Tisch school is where you'd apply, and it is quite competitive.</p>

<p>NYU may look beyond your test scores and grades if you can show you are talented in this can do this via supplemental materials to your app. I'm sure.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>-NYU class of '00</p>

<p>For my first 3 years, I took the hardest course load possible. In my senior, I'm not taking AP English (I wasn't recommended) or AP Calculus (I'm bad at math). Other than those, I'm taking all honors and AP classes.</p>

<p>20% for USC seems reasonable since my SAT is below average. I'm retaking both the ACT and SAT since I've only taken each one time. On my second attempt, I hope to get a 1350 SAT and 30 ACT. That will probaly give me a 50% to 60% at USC (does that sound accurate?) and then I'll depend on the strength of my portfolio to seal the deal.</p>

<p>I'd say it is a 45-50% chance for getting into USC with those scores. However, USC's Cinema college is probably the most competative of all their other programs. If you have attended one of their informative sessions, they probably have stressed that it is very difficult to get in and your scores/secondayr school report has to usually be above the average USC sterotype</p>

<p>Anyone else? All responses appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>Let me tell you something, and this is mostly all true for all schools that requiere an audition/portfolio of some sort to get into a great program, what will get you in is the audition/portfolio, it doesn't matter if you have the best grades in the world but if you dont have a really good audition/portfolio it isn't going to happen. </p>

<p>I would stop worrying about your scores and worry more about your audition/portfolio.</p>

<p>However if you were applying to USC or NYU with say a major that didn't requiere any supplements than they'll most likely be match/low reach.</p>


<p>I am curious about getting into tisch for film. I'm just inquiring about what is most important to work on when applying to a competitive film school.</p>